Describe the typical salesperson’s training to become a consultant/problem-solving type of salesperson.

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Name of Service to be sold: Co Working Spaces.

Name of company I am selling for: Kareem’s Awesome World

Course name and number: G02 Principles of Professional Selling

My name: Kareem El Gabri

Date: January 27th, 2018

I. Developing a Personal Selling Philosophy

A. Describe the marketing setting (e.g. retail, wholesale, manufacturing, or service).

The marketing setting for this enterprise is selling time at a Co-Working Space. This falls under the retail segment of business selling. Kareem’s Awesome World Co working space located in a green Square in Dokki. Centrally located in the Heart of Great Cairo.

B. Describe the role of personal selling in this setting.

The personal selling of KAW need to think in terms of customer needs and customer benefits.

·        Thinking creatively and hooking the customer emotionally makes a positive impact. We need to communicate the significance of the location; It is 5-minute walk from Al Dokki underground station and Cairo University is 10-minute drive. In the heart of Great Cairo- facing a green square, neighbored by the NBE and its ATM machine, Embassy and World Gym.

·        Use our strengths and analyze our competitor’s performance and prices.

·        Hosting events, since we have varied facilities to cover an array of activities, workshop, co working space, meeting room, art classes. Invite diverse groups of peoples with potential customers.

·         Ensure Quality for reasonable prices and create offer packages to make it easier to sell time spent at the place with its varied facilities.

·        Tell the story behind the place. A WIN-WIN situation where the customer, gets quality at reasonable prices, in uniquely designed colorful interior. While, on the other hand Kareem gets to achieve his live long goal of being independent and overcoming the Autism challenges.

C. Describe the typical salesperson’s training to become a consultant/problem-solving type of salesperson.

A salesperson should be provided with specialized training to become a consultant/ problem solver type a salesperson. The training need to cover the following:

§ Salesperson got to be friendly. To sell a product, one must care about what he is selling and who he is selling the product too.

§ He should be able to treat each customer with respect and do not make them feel like they are just another sale to you.

§ Salesperson must be customer driven, not product driven.

§ Selling is a ‘win-win’ activity and Happy customers – successful business

§ Practice showing the customer that, customers are the reason they exist and have a shop.

§  A salesperson needs to have a strong code of ethics having mutual trust, respect, and honesty is important to survive in the sales industry.

II. Developing a Relationship Strategy

A.   Describe the typical relationship between salesperson and customer in this field:

The salesperson should be aiming to create valuable consumer experiences, be able to bound on personal level with the customer. Also, needs to find people who have similar goals and values. The personal connection with the customer is critical to be successful. This relationship ranges from acquaintance to best friend.

B.    Describe the appropriate salesperson’s attitude.

A salesperson successful salesperson needs to have adequate knowledge of the domain, be proficient in the skills required and have the right attitude. Be friendly enough but also keeps the professionality in communication and delivering the massage without being pushy. The attitude of a salesperson shows in everything that they do. A good salesperson is a good listener and knows how to build relationships and understand what the customers’ needs are.

C.   Describe the appropriate salesperson’s appearance.

The salesperson must always show up presentable, well groomed, neatly dressed up in neutral colors as well as the smell of perfume. Also, need to look well rested, smart and focused.

D.   The methods used to strengthen a long-term relationship for repeats and referrals.

The salesperson should be able to create an environment where clients feel that they are truly valued and not just another name on a potential client list. The ability to create a bond is a key component to a successful long-term relationship, but It must be real.

E.    Describe your communication style.

Friendly, respectful, good listener and polite are my essential communication tools to get delighted customers in a win-win situation.

III. Developing a Product Strategy

A.   Description of company:

We are a Coworking Space & a social hub. Kareem’s Awesome World is founded by Kareem El Gabri, young adult person on the autism spectrum, to achieve his independence and success in life. I