Food insecurity and malnutrition


Scenario-Food insecurity and malnutrition

“Income is significantly associated with only 3 of the 10 chronic diseases — hepatitis, arthritis, and COPD—while food insecurity is significantly associated with all 10,” (Perry, 2017)


The World Health Organization (WHO) is seeking a candidate for one of their Global Health programs in East Africa. You have been hired as a paid intern and you are required to investigate the outbreak of infectious diseases in a district in Kenya and prepare a report for your manager. This district is located in a remote area in Kenya and has been hit with drought and famine. They recently ended a 10-year war and are now trying to get back to normalcy. The war has been devastating for most of the children. Some of the children are plagued with sickness with no medication and only one parent. A large number of men died in the war and conditions have been rough for the families within the community. Drinking water and food has been a problem, as the only source of drinking water is a stream where the community bathes and washes their clothes. WHO wants to help this community and you are sent to do an assessment. In your report, address the following.

  1. Describe the role of food insecurity and malnutrition in the prevalence of chronic diseases affecting low- and middle-income countries.
  2. Describe how the environmental factors and behavior of the residents contribute to the problem of the disease outbreak.
  3. What mitigation strategies do you recommend for this community and what are the barriers to the implementation of those strategies?
  4. Describe the vulnerable stages of life during which malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies are particularly dangerous and recommend how your organization should address the problem of infantile mortality and morbidity within this community.

Prepare a 4 -5  pages report in APA format addressing the items above. Cite peer-review articles.