Describe a situation in which you would invite your audience to ask questions during a sales presentation.

Part 1 

Answer each of the questions carefully and give examples.

Then make a ppt presentation illustrating all your answers respecting the guidelines of the chapter.

Question 1

Explain the role of visuals in business presentations and list the types of visuals commonly used.

Question 2

Explain how to create effective slide content.

Question 3

Explain the steps of Verifying Your Design Plans.

Question 4

Outline the decisions involved in using a key visual and selecting color, artwork, and typefaces to create effective slide designs.

Part 2 

How can speakers adapt their message and delivery to the needs of the audience?

Why is it important to be able to demonstrate that you have solid evidence to back up your position, even in a setting that is not academic or focused specifically on reporting research results? Is this issue only relevant to technology startups and investor presentations? What other types of businesses and business presentations benefit from visible mastery of research?

Think about the informative, persuasive, instructional, and collaborative presentations you have experienced as a student, an employee, a consumer, or a citizen. Select two, and compare and contrast the techniques the presenters used to convey their messages.

Why is planning or “setting the stage” an important part of delivering a presentation? What are the potential consequences if the stage is not set?

Describe a situation in which you would invite your audience to ask questions during a sales presentation. Under what circumstances would you ask the audience to hold their questions until the end of the presentation?

How can analyzing your assignments from your classes help you identify your strengths and weaknesses?

Why is it important to customize each résumé you send? What are the disadvantages of sending the same résumé to every employer?

Whom can you ask to help you evaluate your résumé? What would you do with conflicting advice about what to include and how to format your résumé?

What can you do to start building your professional network?

Why should a cover letter go beyond repeating information in the résumé?

You reply to a job advertisement that indicates your cover letter and résumé can be sent by email or postal mail, which one would you choose? Explain why.