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Assume that you have been asked to consult for a company that has branch offices in four continents. You have implemented a management information system that will enable its managers to exchange information about various company activities in the areas of marketing, sales, HR, finance, and administration. As part of the implementation process, you are required to make a recommendation on the types of security measures that should be taken with implementation of this system. 

Write 4–6 paragraphs responding to the following questions:

  • What are some of the potential security threats to managing information related to these activities across multiple locations?
  • What strategies or tools could be used to minimize these types of threats upon implementing a system in this situation?

Suggestions for Responding Peer Posts

  • Review a peer’s post that has mentioned some different security threats than the ones that you selected. 
  • Had you considered these threats as well? 
  • Do the strategies or tools her or she recommended make sense given the potential risks?
  • What additional measures could be taken to deter the threats he or she proposed?


In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.

Classmmate Post: 


Technology Management

Discussion Board Five



Hi my name is #######.  I am a new consultant recently hired to assess security measures that can be implemented into current business operations for a company that has offices in four different continents around the world. All four offices will communicate through a marketing information systems website as well as private networks. This site will be accessed by authorized personnel such as management and employees of each location.

Some potential security threats that can happen when conducting business abroad for example, damage to company data as a result of hackers, private information can be stolen and even identity theft. These examples could leave a bad image on a company. Sometimes a database can be compromised by personnel within the company. Employees with access to the network may gain access to security codes without permission and misuse personal information and even make alterations causing damage to the system.

In order to avert potential threats, this company can implement preventative measures such as employing practices to protect information of the company’s network and database. Network is achieved through using software and hardware (cico.com, n. d). As a result, it protects the reliability and integrity of the company data and network. There must be several layers of security put in place. When one is weak, another will be its back up (cico.com, n.d). To add maintain continuous protection, the software must be updated on a continuous basis. Components of network security include firewall, anti-spyware, anti-virus, intrusion prevention system and virtual private networks.  

This company should train all employees on how to maintain a high security level when using the company database and avoid sharing private information. The company must also implement policies, security guidelines and what is to be expected in the employee code of conduct. Employees should change passwords every few months; and all passwords are to be kept private and secure at all times. Network administrators should report any suspicious behavior. This company should also consider backing company data in a separate location in the event information is tampered with or hacked that way there will be a recovery for lost or damage data.



What is network security? (n d) what is network security? Retrieved from http://www.cisco.com/cisco/web/solutions/small_business/resource_center/articles/secure_my_business/what_is_network_security/index.html