criminal justice intro social science cj 3375 9 week full e courseplease read course require  This has been paid for already once I accept your bid to take this class for me I will provide username and password so that you have the required text for tests and quizzes.

 This is for a

full 9 week course                     

  • nute.  If you are late, you owe me a two point per day late fee.  So watch your time, the computer won’t and don’t be late either. (opened 10/14/13)

  • This exam is part I of II and covers chapters one through four in your textbook and also materials discussed on my audio lectures chapter 1-4. This exam is worth 40 points. You have one hour (60 minutes) to do this exam.  The exam consists of 33 true/false, multiple choice and short answer questions  Do not use your books, notes or any other form of assistance. Do not back-track, answer the questions as they appear in order.  Watch your time.  If you go over the time limit, you will lose one point per minute.  If you do not take this exam by the due date which is November 11, 2013 or you will lose five points per day as a late fee. (opened 10/28/13)

  • This is part II of the midterm.  It consists of a problem to solve.  You have thirty minutes (30)  to answer 6 short answer questions.  If you go over the time limit, I will deduct one point per minute.  This is worth 10 points.  This is due on or before  November 11, 2013.  If you are late on this part, you will lose two points per day.  (opened 10/28/13)

  • This quiz consists of 20 true/false and multiple choice questions from the above chapters.  This quiz is due on or before November 24th, 2013.    You have 30 minutes to take this quiz…watch your time (11/08/13)

  • Quiz #5 Data Tables

    Attached is quiz is open book, open notes; however, it is not a group project so do you own work. Do not attempt this quiz until you review my lecture, the textbook and my data analysis example.  This quiz deals with data table construction.  This quiz is due on or before Monday, November 24, 2013.  Late points will be assessed for late work.  You may send this to me via email attachment (opened 11/08//13)


  • This quiz consists of 20 true and false questions taken from the previous quizzes.  You have 20 minute per question…don’t look at notes, etc. or you will run out of time. I know the other quizzes had 30 minutes, but this is super easy and should take you less than one minute per question.   This quiz is optional meaning if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it.  If you choose to do this, it must be done by Monday, November 24th,  2013. (opened 11/08/13)