creating a thesis and an outline on Two Service Companies. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Two Service Companies. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Hill’s Strategy Development Framework Hill’s strategy development framework is an operational strategy that combines bothcompany objectives and marketing strategy in achieving its goals. Originally, professor terry hill came up with this framework for goods producing companies. However, the framework is applicable in service providing companies such as facebook and eBay. The framework clearly defines the two main elements of a realistic operation strategy (Evans and collier, 83). They include the right operations design choices and coming up with the right infrastructure. This paper will focus on the area on the framework that has a great impact in eBay and facebook.

Operations design choices refers to decisions made by a company’s management concerning the type of process arrangement that is best in provision of services. These processes include value chain assimilation, technology capacity, service capacity, outsourcing, and facility inventory. On the other hand, infrastructure as a strategy includes non-process features, such as, company staffs, learning, operating plans, control services, quality control, compensation system, and innovation services (Evans and collier, 83). That said, Facebook as an online service provider that is simple involved in enhancing our social lives has operations design choices as the major area of concentration. This is because to manage a company such as facebook, it takes very advanced technological knowledge and inventions. Moreover, considering the number of people using facebook, the amount of data exchanged and information communicated, the service capacity need to be expanded and upgraded now and then to meet this need.

The need for the right infrastructure in eBay, a multinational online auction for goods and Services Company, outweighs the need for the right design choices. This is because, unlike facebook, eBay is involved in provision of good. Therefore, there is need for a quality control framework to ensure the quality of goods provided to customers is not compromised. The company also requires a workforce that finds the clients as well as the consumers. Finally, suppliers and customers of eBay need to be assured on the safety of their money, therefore, the company should have a sound compensation system (Evans and collier, 84).

In conclusion, it is clear that Hill’s strategy development framework is an important aspect in any business in need of substantial development. Facebook and eBay are among many other companies that would greatly transform by incorporation of Hill’s strategy development framework in their day to day operations.

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