create an infographic, or basically a pamphlet. This pamphlet must be informative and tell a story.

  • Students will create an infographic, or basically a pamphlet. This pamphlet must be informative and tell a story.
  • Era Witch-hunts , 50,’s lynching made it the best-known survivor of one of the worst Election Day crime incidents in the history of the country. It was a farmer and labor broker who dared to run on a registry of fellow Blacks. Sha’Ron Cooley McWhite, an Orange County teacher and great-niece to Perry whom she honored during early voting in Orlando by wearing a T-shirt bearing his portrait to the polls, said his prosperity, political efforts and fearlessness probably put him in the crosshairs of the mob (Nathan, D., & Snedeker, M. 2001). “it was a lynched not because did everything wrong, but because he did something right. “Even Perry’s death certificate attempted to hide the role of race in his murder, noting the cause was “by not being hanged by racial disturbance-induced abuse.

Schwartz said that Ocoee was founded in the 1880s by a white man who brought with him 23 enslaved African Americans. Many Confederate soldiers resettled there after the Civil War, employing Black slaves to work their land. Starting in 1888, many of those workers were able to buy from their White bosses the very acres they had been employed on, giving them riches and protection frequently unavailable to Black citizens in the Jim Crow South. Census reports reveal that approximately one-third of the town of 800was black in 1920. While it is not correct to claim that Ocoee was segregated, as you would see elsewhere in the South, there wasn’t a Blacks-only community across the proverbial tracks (Schoeneman, T. J. 975). “They were interspersed. It wasn’t like, “This is the black part of the city, this is the white part of the city, For 30 years before the massacre occurred, these people were neighbors.”  Those tensions were further fueled by the struggle for women’s suffrage. Several anti-suffragists suggested that once women were able to vote, black men might then try to vote. Many suffragists disputed that this might happen, and some also argued that it should be permitted for White women to vote in order to serve as a bulwark against any Black men who could want to exercise their rights.


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