Create a thesis and an outline on Friendship Relationships. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Friendship Relationships. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It is essential that trusted individuals be part of a person’s company in order to enable him to survive this world.

God himself promoted the companionship of individuals by befriending the lonely Adam with Eve (Fairchild). Before her arrival, Adam was the only man that existed in the world. It was their friendship that led to the prosperity of the human race as a whole in the times to come.

Friendships could come at stake due to a number of factors. Glick & Rose have mentioned in their work that “youths with peer relationship problems are at risk for maladjustment. Likewise, social skills deficits could contribute to problems in friendships” (Glick & Rose, p.1117). The statement mentioned above narrates a very strong fact. It emphasizes that socializing is the key to prosperity not only for the personal needs of an individual but also for him to be able to survive in the corporate world out there. Establishment of friendly relations with peers often results in confidence-building eventually leading to the achievement of success in whatever fields concerned.

If a person befriends an individual who does not belong to his native cultural and ethnic background it is very likely that such a happening may result in the broadening of that individual’s perspectives and may become a source of the increase in his knowledge.

Cross-cultural friendships are often a source of an entry into a whole new world. These friendships often develop at the basic levels of elementary school. Studies suggest that cross-cultural friendships assist students greatly if they are formed those relationships during middle school (McGlothlin, Edmonds, & Killen, p.424).

Moreover, “Children, adolescents, and adults who effectively establish ethnically and racially diverse friendships and networks are better able to manage their social environments”(Tran & Lee, p.456). Thus, it may well be termed that cross-cultural friendship is a major source of the self-strengthening of an individual. The socializing of such an individual becomes a source of prosperity for his own cultural background related links as well as he is often able to understand them better after going through the exposure of a comparatively less familiar cultural and social background.

In comparison to the above mentioned thriving individuals, there are also those who are not very social and like to live within their own personality shells. Such individuals have not known to be successful in their practical ventures and often suffer from loneliness and anxiety. For example, a teenager who fails to establish sound relations with his peer may develop smoking habits, alcoholism, drug abuse etcetera in response to the anguish that he feels within himself. Moreover, those who are reluctant in establishing positive relations with others may develop emotional problems. I found an interview which was taken by Bella Shaw of Time. Warner Local Edition, Robin Felton discusses the importance of friendship on special need children she said “Friendship Circle brings to the lives of special needs children. Through a full range of activities – home visits, sports, gymnastics, music, rock climbing, camp and much more “. Hence it may be deduced that healthy friendship is a sign of successful upbringing of individuals.

Though there are innumerable benefits of befriending individuals there can be certain cons associated with friendships as well. Making friends may sometimes become a threat if friends are not chosen wisely. If a person who does not have a positive reputation befriends you, you are more likely to suffer because of his bad habits as they might get inculcated within your own self too.

On a broader perspective, however, it is essential to realize that the survival of individuals is possible only if they befriend others around them. Adding to this the famous quotation goes that ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed!’ reaffirming the faith in a friendship that a true friend is one who would always be available to assist his friends no matter what the circumstances.

Since times unknown the prose and poetry of man has revolved around the essence of friendship. One of the latest of these additions is the following excerpt from Singer Mariah Carey’s song:

Anytime you need a friend,

I will be here.

Youll never be alone again,

So don’t you fear?

Even if you’re miles away,

I’m by your side.

So don’t you ever be lonely.

Love will make it alright.

Ideally speaking, the above prose signifies the true and pure essence of friendship highlighting the same fact that we threw light upon above that a true friend is one who is selfless and is thus a companion to you in times of need and loneliness.

Conclusively it may be said that friendship is one of the kindest relationships created by God. When treated wisely friendship is enough to become the cause of success of an individual and to face all odds of life.