Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses transcript of therapy session

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses transcript of therapy session

Patient: I don’t know!&nbsp. I’m scared to leave him.&nbsp. I’ve been with him since I was 16!&nbsp. That’s seven years!&nbsp. I don’t know what I would do without him!&nbsp.

Therapist: Do you love him?

Patient: I don’t know!&nbsp. I used to, but now I think I’m with him just because I’m too scared to leave him.&nbsp.

Therapist: What are you afraid of?

Patient: Being alone, having to make it on my own.&nbsp. What if I can’t do it?&nbsp.

Therapist: You’ve never been on your own before, and it’s natural to feel apprehensive.&nbsp. Everyone feels this way at first, but we all get over it, and so will you.&nbsp. You’re a smart young woman, and you will be just fine.&nbsp. You can make it on your own.&nbsp.

Patient: I don’t know if I can.&nbsp. We’ve been together for so long…

Therapist: It will seem difficult at first like all changes do, but you will begin to feel like things are getting easier day by day.&nbsp. And you don’t have to make such a big decision right this minute.&nbsp. We’re just talking right now so you can get a handle on what you’re feeling, OK?&nbsp.

Patient: OK.

Therapist: Let’s talk about the things you need.&nbsp. Do you think the two of you needed this break?&nbsp.&nbsp.

Patient: I don’t know. I guess so.&nbsp. We were fighting a whole lot, and I was feeling a bit smothered and taken for granted.&nbsp. Unappreciated.&nbsp. Maybe we did need a break.&nbsp.

Therapist: And have you been socializing during this break?&nbsp. You mentioned earlier that you haven’t been doing well in school in the past few days.&nbsp. Have you been interacting with your friends?&nbsp. Remember, I said that you need the support of your friends right now.

Patient: Talking to you about my problems is one thing because I know you won’t blab my business to everyone, but I don’t talk to people about my personal life.&nbsp.

Therapist: I can appreciate that, and you don’t have to tell people all your business to socialize with your friends.&nbsp. You don’t need to isolate yourself right now.&nbsp. Go to a movie or out to eat with some friends.&nbsp. It will do you good to be around supportive, encouraging people.&nbsp.

Patient: I don’t exactly feel like being around a bunch of happy people right now.&nbsp.

Therapist: I understand, but I still want you to spend some of your free time around your friends and focus on building positive, platonic relationships.&nbsp. Now let’s talk about what you want.&nbsp. We’ll start with something simple.&nbsp. Tell me what you want from your educational experience.&nbsp. Why did you decide to go back to school?&nbsp.

Sample Assignment

Write a 6 pages paper on global media assessment

The movies provided give brief descriptions of the effects of online activism. Thus, the section will give a description of the both negative and positive effects of online activism and a review of the movies watched.

The first effect of online activism is awareness. The first objective of online activism is to give information to the public through the internet. A massive population is reached with information since most people spend a lot of time on the internet. With several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites attracting people to the internet, most people get information and activism messages. As a result, very many people will be mobilized, and they will be inspired to come up and support a certain program or a certain aspect of the project. This is much better off than when people have to be mobilized manually around the globe and convince them to support a certain project. At least online activism caters to a large group of people who are internet active (Pickerill 331).

However, online activism may cause harm to underage or may not reach a specific targeted group. For example, social sites on the internet being visited by all sorts of groups. A given project or program may be targeting individuals under 30 years, but when used on the internet, the information reaches even people who are older and younger. Here, there will be no target achieved, or additionally, maybe the program is meant for individuals who are above 18 years, but now that the social sites cover all ages, the information might be harmful to kids under 18 years. For example, programs dealing with sexual matters should not be publicized on the internet because kids might come across them.

The movies watched give great descriptions of the effects of online activism. For example, movie activists vs. activists give the effect of online activism as awareness. The movie was done by Tomas Whitmore and Julianne Waters on the effects of online activism on the public. Actually, the movie notes that several views are heard concerning activism and most people prefer online activism to any other form of activism, as it sounds cool. However, the science of translation involved has many errors. The Arabic movies actually had errors since the translations were not right at some point.