Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses statistics (quantitative methods)

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses statistics (quantitative methods) **high standard required. The time they took to get the job done, the number of years they had been working, the level of customer satisfaction as well as the time taken in minutes to complete the repairs was documented and the following report on the efficiency of the staff as measured by the time it takes them to undertake their assigned jobs was developed. From the data, the mechanics take 33 minutes on average to complete any job. Further, those that have spent some good time in the service are faster than those that are getting used. Customers don’t like taking long to receive service. otherwise they are dissatisfied. Over 77% are either satisfied or very satisfied.

Fro table 3 the mean of the time taken to accomplish the different jobs undertaken is 33.6 minutes which is average. The Mean of the time taken to get customer satisfaction determines whether he/she will come again in marketing (Mboya, S 2003). Further, it is evident that there is some variation in the time taken to finish the chores.

Most of the mechanics in the organization are used to what they do. On average, they are some eight years old in the organization. The learners are few. As Mwenda (2001) puts it, new employees are in the learning process.

From table 8 above, it is evident that the veterans’ area bit faster than the learners and those that are getting used to the job and that most of the jobs are done faster than expected. Thus customer satisfaction is highly up-held.

It is evident that, the time taken to complete customers work boost the kind of satisfaction he/she will get. If he/she is catered for faster, then the chances of being satisfied are high. The slowly you work will upset the customer.

In conclusion, the efficiency and effectiveness of the staff depends of the number of years one has been around (Richmond 2003 P. 102-104). This is also evident from the collected data were the veterans are fast if completing assignments.