Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses reflections of a soldier.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses reflections of a soldier. She now has to carry the burden of being both the mother and father to our three children. She has to step up and care for all the needs of our children and the upkeep of our home while constantly worrying about my safety. Ghayda’s job might not be as dangerous but it is equally difficult. She constantly struggles to keep our house in order and assures our children that their father would be home soon. A typical wife does experience the same struggles in everyday life. But the main difference is the typical wife does not constantly worry if her husband will come home—alive or not. This kind of stress is handled by Ghayda every day. She never told me, but I see it in her eyes. Would a woman in her right mind sign up for that? My brave Ghayda did.

My children are another story.

Ah, they are the ones who must learn to sacrifice and come to grip with the fact that I cannot constantly be with them especially on times that matter the most. On my last count, I just missed out on five birthdays, countless soccer practice and piano recitals, two graduations, one championship game, two dental appointments, and three live births. I never had the opportunity to be with my wife when she gave birth to our children. Such brave children, I am so proud of them.

As I ponder upon these thoughts…I have to reassure myself that what I do, I do because I love them, because I love my country.

As I strap my vest, the one I have labored for weeks, everything that I have been training for has come to this.

I am ready.

I double-checked the detonators. Good.

The bombs are all in place. I kiss the picture of my family one last time, the last time I would ever see them again.

The journey was long and hard, but it was all worth it. Fatima finally reached her destination, the land of “flowing milk and honey” as most people from her village would call it.

“Finally, a fresh start…”

She left her country to escape poverty.

Fatima grew up in a small fishing village in Pakistan. Her parents, despite being poor and uneducated, saw the value in ensuring that Fatima, unlike most of the children from her village would be educated.