Create a 14 pages page paper that discusses manifestations of national identity in popular culture in contemporary.

Create a 14 pages page paper that discusses manifestations of national identity in popular culture in contemporary.

The millennium dome was made to celebrate the new 21st millennium and was started as a cultural center where people would go to celebrate the arrival of the millennium. Although the dome was not as successful as it was intended, it still remains to be an icon for London as well as the UK culture. Apart from the millennium dome, the UK has also used other types of architecture to define its contemporary culture. Architectural marvels such as the London Eye are also good examples. The UK still goes on to continue its culture in the contemporary world using modern pop culture.

Music is also another form of pop culture in the UK (Gilbert & Pearson, 1999). While many aspects of traditional or history-born culture in the UK have waned, the shift has gone to music. Today, a lot of music in Britain and its three co-states which make up the UK can be seen to be geared towards creating a culture that is unique to the UK. As Bennett, Shank, and Toynbee (2006) argue, BritPop is, for instance, one of the pop music that identifies contemporary British culture. The music is characterized by melody and chorus that are hooky and that are easy for listeners to master and sing along.

These kinds of songs have been made popular by many groups each of which makes different flavors of the music. For instance, Blur and Radiohead have produced songs in this genre and they prefer to be more experimental in their music. Oasis and Black Grape also offer different flavors of this music to its listeners. Regardless of the flavor of BritPop that any band of musicians prefers, the music is uniquely British and this forms the larger UK culture. Garage rock is also another form so pop UK music.

Although its origin is in the USA, it has been assimilated in the UK culture and now there is British pop culture. This kind of music is very widespread among young people in the UK and the UK Garage is very unique to the UK and makes part of the pop culture in contemporary UK culture. Glam Rock (Glitter Rock) is one of the foundations that gave way to modern pop culture music in the UK. Its origin is in the 1970s and although today is it not very much into the modern culture, it is a very good part of the formation of UK British culture.

It is distinguished from other forms of music especially from outside the UK by its freaky mode of dressing.