Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses design and facilities curry leaf restaurant project.

Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses design and facilities curry leaf restaurant project. In order to keep Quality events progressing satisfactorily and resolve any problems on time, there needs to be a deadline which is enforced throughout the project. The tasks assigned in the project under consideration must follow the specified path, that is to say, one work product must be delivered before the next. Using a workflow-based system enables the Project Manager to define the project team, assign tasks to the most appropriate team members, and ensure that they are working satisfactorily. Once that task is complete, the workflow moves the project along to the next person, and so forth. Workflow is the generally accepted way to automate the work products and processes and keep the work going forward.

Typically, projects tend to follow a set of specific patterns, in an away that is analogous to the Design Patterns found in software development – the same project type will be encountered over the course of normal Quality operations. This will allow the creation of a series of Project Templates that will automatically load deliverables based on the type of event that has been encountered. The best project management tools take the Quality Management data and populate the deliverables with this data, so a Project Plan related to the specific event under consideration may be quickly and easily developed

Assigning tasks to individuals is one way to manage a project, but more often than not, it comes down to roles. By using roles, that is to say, Quality Manager, Inventory Control, Health & Safety, etc. the ability of the team may be broadened to handle the work products as the project progresses. Such cross-training means that there will be any number of individuals within the role that can help complete each task within the project removing the risk due to the unavoidable absence of a particular individual who can only perform a given role.