Create a 1 page page paper that discusses bcen. Re: Jensen chemicals and hardware depot

Dear Sir, I am writing this in regard to the status of the business as for the last couple of years, and the latest happenings mainly in the last year. On observing the financials of the company closely, there is a serious problem in the chemical divisions of the company that needs an urgent resolution. Currently, the department has debts accumulating to $740,000, and business seems not to be doing so well. Combining this with the $200,000 loss last year, it is evident that the section might adversely affect the entire company. In view of the projections, there is no much hope for any improvements. The markets are dwindling, leaving us almost stranded.

With the above in mind, I think it is wise we sell off the chemicals department, to safeguard the hardware depot. A personal valuation of the company puts it at roughly $500,000, which I think would be a good sales price for the business. Please look into this matter and consider taking the best decision.




The best way for a company to plan for unpredictable crises is to ensure that there is a crises management tactic put in place to deal with any unexpected occurrence. This may involve having an efficient communication plan. The best strategy to combat an online rumor is to come up with a fast and comprehensive rebuttal. A quick and consistent crisis response plan is essential for a company in responding to crises. Prioritizing stakeholders involves complete mapping to show the manner in which the stakeholders interlink, and the influence they hold on each other (Seeger, Sellnow & Ulmer 48).

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