Course impact paper for business ethics


The purpose of this paper is to reflect on a variety of class activities as well as concepts in the textbook and discuss the impact this course has had on you. Begin by reading the attached  journal posts.

Compare and contrast your perception of business ethics and social responsibility at the beginning versus the end of the semester and the key aspects you will take with you. Make sure to address legality versus business ethics and social responsibility and compare and contrast. Consider the activities, issues, cases, videos, and assignments we have discussed in this class.  Offer examples to illustrate and explain your statements.  Make sure to relate your examples to concepts using key terminology and not just talk in general. Make the paper personal to you; however, make sure your paper relates to course content.  

The paper should be two to three full pages, double-spaced. The paper should be nothing less than perfectly spectacular and impressive not only in its presentation but in its substance; quality, creativity, and professionalism count. Please proofread carefully.