Computer mediated communication | Business & Finance homework help


Write a 500-word blog entry that includes the following:

Cite the information used for images and content using appropriate course-level APA7 formatting.

· A definition of computer mediated communication based on your own experience; write at least three ways your daily communication is mediated through the use of technology, such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers to access messages and social networks.

· Your opinion on whether or not these forms of communication enhance a sense of community and why

· How privacy is challenged by computer mediated communication and researched examples of how to counteract this

· Positive examples of how computer mediated communication may be leveraged in the future

· Your thoughts on how computer mediated communication has affected your face-to-face communication

Write a 500-word blog entry discussing the relation of mass media and computer mediated communication.

Cite at least two scholarly sources using APA7 formatting in your blog entry, and include an example of computer-mediated collective action that was reported in the mass media with discussion of the following:

· Whether the communication between people using technology was successful or unsuccessful in relation to the desired action

· How mobile tools affected communication

· Whether the action was a part of a larger movement or agenda and how this agenda was affected

· How the collective action was reported in three different types of mass media; what changed from type to type

· A description of how you personally consume news online and how you first hear of a news story

· A description of how consuming news online differs from reading a newspaper, watching TV, or listening to the radio

· A summary of how computer-mediated communication has affected information exchange that considers the following:

· What has been lost and gained in the shift away from old media, such as newspapers

· How mobile technology has affected your consumption of news

· How not being able to get away from mobile news sources is changing human communication–consider attention spans, boundaries between work and life, and communication that relies on visuals

Write a 500-word blog exploring how social media has impacted society. Consider race, gender, class, and other demographic factors.

Cite at least two scholarly sources using appropriate course-level APA7 formatting in your blog entry.

Include responses to the following questions in your blog entry:

· How is used social media used professionally?

· How is social media used personally?

· How do these communications differ?