Compose a 250 words assignment on women in advertising.

Compose a 250 words assignment on women in advertising. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Analysis Assignment #4 on Women in Advertising To begin with one should say that advertising today is one of theintegral phenomena of modern life. On its second position designated the social roles of men and women which they have to carry out. Advertising images are simplified and stereotyped, but in such form they influence people, forcing them not only to buy goods, but also reflect in their behavior. In addition to this, very often advertising describes public relations, including gender relations.

Simplified nature of sexual roles, forms their similar treatment in life of each certain individual, this means that, besides the main function (to force the buyer to choose these goods), advertising carries one more function which is social (it creates public relations). Furthermore, advertising transfers the social status or individual feeling concerning certain product. There you will never hear or see the simple words “Buy this!”, this may be substituted by the other phrase. In general, they speak about things that you cannot buy for money.

One cannot deny the fact that the image of woman from antiquity in all cultures is an embodiment of sexuality and fertility. That is why the majority of the ads are focused on men’s audience, contains an image of the woman: the temptress and fatal beauty with roundish, convex forms. As a rule, women in such advertising show half naked body or its parts in seductive poses that denotes an open hint on sex. Finally, the romantic image in it has rather big impact on audience as it casts thoughts of the finest and strong feeling on the earth as love.

For this reason we admire such beauty, and women imagine themselves on their place and dream to be in embraces of the defender.

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