Compose a 250 words assignment on issues in homeland security.

Compose a 250 words assignment on issues in homeland security. Needs to be plagiarism free! Issues in Homeland Security al Affiliation Issues in Homeland Security The Department of Homeland Security is a special department under the administration of the US federal government. The primary objective of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is to ensure the security of the US from the terror attacks, emergencies, man-made hazards, and natural calamities and respond to it (Webster, 2008, p. 6). Since the establishment in 2002, the DHS has regularly assisted tribal, local, and state governments in combat against terrorism, natural disasters, and other security threats (Webster, 2008, p. 6). However, there are various significant issues in the homeland security which need to be tackled. Based on the official report of DHS and the research of David Inserra and Steven P. Bucci, border and aviation security, illegal immigration issue, coast-guard revival, ineffective program management and departmental failure, preventing violent domestic extremism, cyber security, and insufficient research and development are the major issues, which are ranked according to the highest priority issues in the homeland security (Webster, 2008, p. 6-15. Bucci & Inserra, 2013).

The DHS was formed after the attacks of 9/11 with the main objective of the country’s border and aviation security (Webster, 2008, p. 3). The border and aviation security is crucial for the integrity of the country. Considering the ongoing threat of international and domestic terrorism, enhancement in border and aviation security is the topmost concern for the DHS. Illegal immigration is another issue that is affecting the social and economical stability in the US. Various researches have regularly highlighted the direct link between growing crime rates and increasing number of illegal immigrants in the country (Bucci & Inserra, 2013). Hence, it is second most concerning issues which need to be tackled by implementing policies for current immigration laws enforcement. The necessity of coastguard revival is another priority of the DHS. According to the reports, the rate of coastguard operations has increased due to the growing threats to the US marine security and the necessity of protecting the state’s interests in adverse conditions, such as in the hurricanes and Arctic (Bucci & Inserra, 2013). Another significant issue in the DHS is its failure to effectively utilize allocated funds and flaws in management system. It is reported that often crucial homeland security funds are invested in low-valued or unnecessary projects such as, zombie apocalypse simulation in California, or underwater robotic devices in Columbus (Bucci & Inserra, 2013). Besides lavish and ineffective spending, the transparency and effectiveness of current management system is questionable. The current DHS is crumbled into various oversight commissions, committees, and groups, causing direct impact on the working efficiency of the DHS (Bucci & Inserra, 2013). Considering the growing cases of violent extremism and cyber crimes in the country, it is necessary for the DHS to take efficient measures against such issues to maintain the peace and stability in the society. In order to enhance the effectiveness of DHS, it is necessary to adopt policies and programs that encourage research and development in the security field. Current federal policies acknowledge little importance to it, which is real concern for the homeland security (Bucci & Inserra, 2013).

In conclusion, the DHS is crucial for the security and stability in the country from the man-made and natural disasters. However, there are various issues, from border security to lack of research and development, which are significant and more or less equally important in terms of homeland security and can’t be ignored. It is necessary for the government to identify these issues and implement policies and programs to deal with it.


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