Compose a 250 words assignment on crj 200 power plant.

Compose a 250 words assignment on crj 200 power plant. Needs to be plagiarism free! CRJ 200 Power Plant al Affiliation) Question An indication is given by the illumination of the wing anti-ice annunciator (Lankford, 2000). This occurs when adequate bleed air is unavailable to maintain the ideal wing temperature. Usually, aircraft engines take some time to cool off. Ideal wing temperatures are important in maintaining stability and comfort in the airplane. The wing anti-ice annunciator sends out a message that bleed air required to keep the temperature as desired is insufficient. this prompts the pilot to initiate a series of measures that will culminate in the restoration of normalcy with regards to wing temperature and adequate supply of bleed air.

Question 2

When N2 exceeds 55% on engine start up, the starter should not be engaged. Before an engine (not just an aircraft engine) is engaged, the existing temperatures must be supportive of the expected operations of that particular engine. This is crucial in ensuring that the various engine parts and fluids are stable and in the right state for a drive or a flight. As a matter of fact, N2 should always be kept at or less than 55%.

Question 3

The engines should be operated at idle for 2 minutes prior to shutdown so that the engine hot section can be thermally stabilized. This is a very important procedure that should not be ignored (Lankford, 2000). When the engine is shut down immediately following an operation, it is not allowed to “rest”. as a result of this there may be problems during startup. The engine might knock or just refuse to start.


Lankford, T. T. (2000). Aircraft icing: a pilots guide. New York: McGraw-Hill.