Compose a 1750 words assignment on aircraft composite structures.

Compose a 1750 words assignment on aircraft composite structures. Needs to be plagiarism free!

“Metallic structure is superior to composite in strength and cost aspects. Composite structure is superior to metallic structure in weight aspect which will influence in airplane performance.” (Kalanchiam and Chinnasamy 2012, p. 1010)There are several advantages of using composite materials to manufacture aircraft structures. The most striking advantage is that the composite materials are easy to mold and give novel shapes. Perse, aircraft designers can enjoy more flexibility and room for their imagination.

Special shapes of fuselage and wings are necessary for special purposes. For example, specially designed wings are necessary to accomplish the airframe structure of a stealth bomber. Likewise, long distance jet aircraft may need corrosion-resistant and aerodynamic drag resistant designs. Composite materials are easier to use for giving variety of desired shapes and sizes.Generally, composite materials are preferred for building tougher airframes. But several manufacturers are attempting to build even the internal parts of an aircraft with the help of composite materials.

The main advantages of composite materials are explained below with special emphasis on FRP variety.Composite materials provide high specific strength. This attributes to resistance towards deformity due to stress or strain. This resistance is due to certain elastic and coherent properties of the composite material molecule. The polymer bases in which the various fibrous materials are interwoven provide shock-absorbent properties to the overall lamella. The final matrix of composite molecules becomes stronger per unit square area for offering resistance towards permanent deformities.

(Staszewski, Mahzan, and Traynor 2009).Despite higher specific strength, composite materials have less weight. In the case of FRP composites, the polymeric base has less density. While in materials like aluminum the molecules are heavily packed, molecules in the composite material matrix have more coherence than closer packing.