Compose a 1500 words assignment on antiquity comes alive through roman villas and their painted wall decoration.

Compose a 1500 words assignment on antiquity comes alive through roman villas and their painted wall decoration. Needs to be plagiarism free!

These villas hold a vital place in the record of Western culture. This is during the Italian cape in ancient times and also during the Renaissance. The building of houses away from the city in a natural location captured the minds of architects and wealthy patrons. The paper will look into the culture of villas and their painted wall decoration over the years. In addition, the transformation that has taken place over the years on the forms of the villas. Culture of VillasVilla is a term that is used to describe the different structures that share a natural background or agrarian principle.

These include the architecture of the villa that can be on the working structures that are devoted to living quarters and farming. Therefore, the villa is an identity or label that captures the different distinct parts, which are at times interrelated or are dependent on each other. In some cases, the villas are away from the bigger architectural complex. The Roman villas exhibit mobility, as an idea, in the application of the architecture. It gives a fixed image of an architectural environment that gives an idea of living.

The forms of the structures have changed with time, and the locations moved to the suburban. In addition, urban houses with garden settings have arisen. Despite all these changes, the center design beliefs have largely remained unchanged, and the architectural idiom of idyllic scenery for cultured pursuits and divine withdrawal into a family retreat from a city has continued (Frazer 24). After the new generation, the villas have appeared beyond the Italian context of architectural form. Re-imagined and revived forms have appeared throughout Western Europe and other parts of the world, although influenced by the European culture.

The organization and form of the villa architecture depend largely on the literary descriptions that were provided by the ancient Rome authors. The writings give elaborate features of the villas in the low lying areas that surround Rome. The ancient writings have the villas enjoying the natural settings that have restorative powers that are in opposition to the excesses that are in the city life. In addition, they give the basic pleasures and virtues that the ancient villas life have.