Compose a 1250 words assignment on matrix project

Compose a 1250 words assignment on matrix project. Needs to be plagiarism free! The algorithm run in time often takes the flowing 7th recursive divide and conquer technique (Storer 2001: 169-170), in which the matrices X and Y are divided into four different quarters and their seven factors computed. then, they are combined in four parts to result in matrix Z. In this application, the algorithms are described below:

Thus, in case the matrices X and Y are not square matrices, there will be a need to fill the missing columns and rows with zeros. Matrices X, Y, and Z are thus partitioned into equally sized block matrices

Even with this design, the number of multiplications has not reduced, 8 multiplications are still required to calculate the matrices. this is just the same as the number of multiplications required when the standard matrix multiplication method is used (Scheinerman 2006: 278). An important part, thus, is to define new matrices as below.

These are then used to express the product matrix in terms of. Due to how the product matrix has been defined, it is easy to eliminate one matrix multiplication and thus decrease the number of multiplications required to just 7, one for every, and express as

Then, the process of division is then iterated n times until the sub-matrices result in elements of the ring W. It is important to note that the Strassen’s algorithm can be efficiently implemented when carrying out multiplication of small sub-matrices using standard matric multiplication techniques.

Standard matrix multiplication often takes roughly (in which ) additions and multiplications. The number of multiplications and additions that are needed in the Strassen Algorithm can be calculated by considering the function (n) to be the number of required operations for any random matrix (Stoller & Bennett 2014: 77). Then, by applying the Strassen Algorithm recursively, it can be seen that f(n) = 7f(n− d) + l4n for a given constant d which depends on the number of additions carried out at every point of application.

Assignment 2

I will pay for the following article Reeds Clothier Inc. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Reed’s Clothier Inc.

To see the actual situation of the firm, we can move forward and discuss Jim’s financial ratios. The first and most important ratio is the current ratio. This gives an idea of liquidity of the firm. It is not good not to be liquid or to be extremely liquidated. The best balanced sheet has a combination of fixed and current assets. Too many of receivables are not good although they may increase the value of assets but they indicate a weak receivable control system. The industry current ratio is 2.7, while for Jim’s company it is 2.01 (Calculated by dividing current assets with current liabilities) Quick ratio for the industry is 1.6. For Jim Reed’s company it is 1.4. 1 : 1 is the least acceptable ratio. Reed’s is lagging behind in both these ratios from industry standards. Another ratio that proves and shows that the Reed’s company is in bad financial shape is Receivable turnover. If this ratio is high, it indicates higher credit policy. If this ratio is low, it shows there are loopholes in receivables policy. The value for industry is 20.1 while this company has the ratio of 26.0. This once again indicates that due to lack of attention, the company finances are suffering. (White, Sondhi and Fried, 1997) Inventory turnover needs to be high as that indicates good sales against inventory. The figure for industry is 7 which is good. The exhibit 5 show that in case of Reed’s the sales are related to inventory, but with increasing stock the increase in sales is not correlation.