Compose a 1250 words assignment on curriculum design and development.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on curriculum design and development. Needs to be plagiarism free! There are several curriculum designs that exist and they aim at fulfilling different objectives depending on the design. This paper aims at discussing two of the designs which are considered to be more successful. One of the designs is a learner-centered design. This design is grounded in progressivism or essentialism. The other design is the Broad fields Design which allows for interdisciplinary inquiry into broad subjects and across different disciplines.&nbsp.

John Dewey was the first person to note that the method of instruction should change from teacher center to learner centered. Through his theories, the education proponent managed to convince the world that education should be a learner process and the teacher should remain just as an instructor to guide the learners. John Dewey mentioned several advantages related to this method of instruction which led to a learner-centered curriculum design. The importance of this design is that it takes into account the different needs of the individual learner (JM Rogan, 2010). The curriculum is in such a way that it accommodates the learner’s experience. The learner has the advantage of interacting with the environment as this curriculum takes into account societal needs. This curriculum takes into account the different teaching aids that are easily available within society and incorporates them into the learning process.

Due to the recent advancement in technology in the world, there is a need for the learners to develop their learning skills and this is best achieved through the leaner-centered design. In addition to this, there is a need for learners to develop more skills as the world&nbsp.turns into a digital age. For this reason blending of learner-centered and broad field design is seen to be an effective approach. This is because the learners will have a broader field of experience as they incorporate different disciplines into their learning. This is important since most of the subjects are related to one another. Broad field design also gives the learners the advantage of experimenting and learning for themselves.