Compose a 1250 words assignment on automated system for customs data acquisition.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on automated system for customs data acquisition. Needs to be plagiarism free! Given the fact that supply chains involve crucial information about organizations, nations as well as individuals, it is a necessity to ensure the security of all the information. Large supply chains that include borders of different countries involve several agencies that share information among themselves. Such a process requires a strong system that would ensure the security of information. This research proposal is an attempt to provide a guideline regarding the research that will be conducted on the information security systems that are used by agencies like customs in various countries. The proposal includes details of research objectives, the possible structure of the literature review as well as the research methodology.

The main purpose of conducting this research is to identify and analyze the present information security systems that are used by various key players in the supply chains. Furthermore, the research is also aimed at finding out the alternative security system models that may be used. There may be several aspects or parameters based on which a particular security system model can be analyzed. This research will try to identify the relevant aspects before analyzing their role in the entire process. Major research questions are mentioned below –

It is found that ASYCUDA (Automated System for Customs Data Acquisition) is one of those systems that are widely used by important agencies that are involved in the global supply chains. Hence, this research will aim at gathering sufficient information about this system, its usage, advantages, and disadvantages. This will certainly be another main objective of the research. In addition to all these objectives, the research will also focus on identifying the requirements of changing the existing systems and having a new one that will be more efficient and effective. Hence, the following research question arises from these objectives.