Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: My Own Experiences with Interpersonal Relationships and the Knowledge.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: My Own Experiences with Interpersonal Relationships and the Knowledge. First I will discuss how self-concept impacts communication with others, second will be regarding how someone’s perception of another person can affect communication, third will be on how I feel language has created problems in one of my interpersonal relations ships, fourth I will discuss the strategies I use to maintain healthy relationships in my life and fifth I will incorporate into my paper how non-verbal cues can create communication problems. For the last three main points/key core learning outcomes I will discuss how demonstrating effective listening habits has improved my relationships with my family, which methods of conflict resolution I find to be the most useful in my life, and lastly how I have developed a supportive communication climate in my relationships.

In my opinion, the most important part of communication comes from having a good sense of self-worth and how your self-concept can either enable or disable you in a conversation. I became extremely aware of how much my self-concept really effects how I communicate with people I am in a relationship with when I had my first serious boyfriend. I realized that when I had a bad self-image it was hard for me to really be outgoing, I felt so self-conscious that I didn’t like to go out and have fun with him and his friends, I felt like I would just be judged for being weird or how I looked and this really drove a bit of a wedge between us. I also noticed that when it came to being in school and participating in class discussions I remained very quiet and timid, afraid that since I wasn’t very popular any idea I had would just be scorned. When I built up my self-image and began to have a positive outlook on myself I was able to go out and have a lot more fun and could really express what I was thinking or how I felt to my peers as well as my boyfriend and his friends because I was no longer afraid of how they’d receive it. Getting over that initial fear of how people saw me and really looking into improving how I saw myself helped me improve my communication with others and to help them perceive me how I wanted to be seen.