Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Monique and the Mango Rains.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Monique and the Mango Rains. Stratification and gender norms in Mali are real, and they get different treatments from society. Additionally, both genders have different qualities, which make them survive or be oppressed in Mali. For instance, men in Mali are lazy and jealous. This is evident through the way men treat their women in the book. Most of them are unfaithful and engages in extramarital affairs (Holloway 50). Some men are also involved in rape cases in society. Similarly, men in Mali are lazy and do not work to help and provide for their families. They leave their women to do all the domestic activities as they sit and lazy. Although they are given all the power to control women and society, there has no impact on the community but instead, women play significant roles. This is replicated in other areas such as India and Brazil (Nanda 45: Scheper-Hughes 325). On the other hand, women in Mali are industrious and laborers. The author portrayed them as people taking care of the welfare of society despite the limited powers and resources they have, do not have the power of choosing for themselves but instead their husband decides for them. They also struggle to ensure their unborn children get better health by walking long distances searching for midwives. Similarly, they live in a deplorable environment but stays put for the wellbeing of their children as Lee (33) found out.

There are many forms of gender stratification and norms in the book. one example is that no divorce is allowed in society (Holloway 58). This society does not allow divorce because women do not have custodial rights over their children. Women are forced to stay in an abusive relationship and sometimes tend to engage in other activities to counter the pain and abuses they undergo in the course of their relationship. Miniakan cultural taboos are very strict on women, and they must accept their men once married and the trend or marriage has no reversal. This societal norm also pushes Monique to find comfort with Pascal, whom she loves besides knowing the societal consequences when found. In other instances, women are not allowed to keep their children because of their societal status.