Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Learning Experience of Participating in a Debate.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Learning Experience of Participating in a Debate. I had a chance to sit with my college friends after 3 years, mainly because most of my friend shifted to other states right after completing their college studies. I stayed in my hometown to complete my higher education and had a job to look after. When my friends came to visit me at my house, I ordered some food and drinks to serve them with. On the dinner table, my friend told me of his experience of how his business’ is facing challenging times due to bad quality services delivered to customers. Being a marketer, I knew the importance of service standards delivered to customers, on the overall performance of the business. My friend (Mr X), being in a restaurant business, had difficulties in generating enough revenues from his business during last year, to pay off his debts.

He stated that customers are not satisfied with the physical environment of the restaurant and the servers’ ability to serve customers with courtesy. Due to these shortcomings, customers perceived that his restaurant does not provide proper training to the staff so that they know how they should communicate with customers. On the other hand, the outlook of his restaurant is so congested, that customers complain they find it difficult to roam around in the restaurant. Moreover, the furniture and lighting theme implicated by him in the restaurant also makes customers feel suffocation. He also informed us that fixing the outlook would require a handsome amount of money, whereas. staff’s training is the area where he lacks the most and finds himself helpless to train staff in such a manner, that their behaviour with customers reflects restaurant’s values.

One of my friends (Mr Y), listening to this story suggested that Mr X should hire the services of a business consultant in order to get rid of these issues. Mr Y also suggested that the consultant should be allowed to make critical decisions pertaining to the management of the restaurant’s daily operations.

Another friend of mine (Mr Z) interrupted here and suggested that giving consultant the authority to make managerial decisions would allow him to sneak into confidential information and take over the managing rights from Mr X.&nbsp.