Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Recruitment and Selection in Canada.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Recruitment and Selection in Canada.

The regulation of government requires that one should have the applicant’s advanced written permission so as to perform a background check (victor, 2010). This needs a consent and disclosure form that should be separate from all job application forms.

Check social security number and address history

The list of present and past addresses is the foundation for a systematic background check. Knowing where the person has lived is crucial for deciding where to search for criminal records and looking for time gaps as well, and mismatches of location compared to the information given by the applicant. An individual’s social security number (SSN) gets&nbsp.given between their first job (victor, 2010). Hence, an SSN validation can know if the applicant has a particular SSN one gave or the applicant is lying.

Carry out a comprehensive criminal check

The best searches for criminal background get carried out at person counties since there is no centralized entity to control every criminal record. One of the reasons is the likelihood of getting a criminal record is high in an individual’s present county residence because several crimes take place near their work or home. County searches are useful since misdemeanors and felonies normally get prosecuted at county courts court, and their results may not be reported to the state.

Victor (2010) states, Background checks should get offered before employment. This is due to the sensitivity of the information in the applicant reports and particular records. To avoid getting information that would discriminate against the applicant, they are free to know where the origin of the information is used against them.&nbsp. Also, they should consent before the employer obtains a credit report.

How to carry out background checks online:&nbsp. research and choose a company to conduct background checks on the applicants. Register for the website. Then request background checks. Once one clears registration, start requesting background checks from the company by putting pertinent data for the applicant as prompted (Victor, 2010). It is risky since one can fake some of the information since it gets carried online.

Background checks may be an invasion of privacy since several background checks verify the information given by the applicant on the resume. Past mistakes get uncovered during the background checks.

Yes, one can disqualify the candidates without the fear of violating his or her human rights.&nbsp.Since the employers have the right and responsibilities to confirm the information given and decide whether to take or not to take the applicant.

Things to screen about for table servers

According to Victor (2010), the interviewer is needed to make a deduction about the personal qualities of the applicant, general ability, the attitude towards work, the potential for not just doing the job but for fitting in the culture of the organization.