Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Herbal Body Care.

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Herbal Body Care. The research & development domain makes it sure to offer the quality products produced by their blend of ample experience and scientific research, always giving ways to new formulas and making products according to clients’ requirements.

Product Description

Lemon body wash: +10 Lemon body wash

The natural Lemon essential oil brings out an incredibly fresh and comfortable feeling! Sluggish metabolism will not only make you fatigue easily but also dehydrates your skin and causes small acnes. New +10 Lemon body wash can whiten and reduce your acne. The essential condensation rich in Forsythia Fructus helps the body metabolize redundant body fluids. To feel fresh and comfortable, all you need is to massage during daily showers. Continuous usage can smooth aspiration tract sensitivities, and prevent acne.

Dong Quai body wash: +20 Dong Quai body wash

After the age of 30, the human body’s hormones and immunities decrease, and this not only darkens the skin and turns it yellowish, causing dryness, roughness, and hypoesthesia. The +20 Dong Quai body wash is a cleanser that is developed to prevent aging and it rejuvenates the youth feeling within you. A mysterious microelement forms from the combination of extracted Angelica Sinesis & Rose. This mysterious microelement fulfills the lack of hormones from the aging process. All you need is to enhance massaging from your lower abdomen to the whole body during daily showers. Within a week improvement of your blood circulation and restoration of menstrual flow can be experienced. Use of +20 Dong Quai body wash and simple shower care does not only increase glamour but also smoothes puerpera’s mammary glands.