Coastline bus150 m04-06 quiz chapter 4, 5 and 6 quiz latest 2017


Question 1

Rachel, an advertising executive, shops for clothing at a trendy store in town. The sales clerk shows her the latest styles in bright prints and bold colors. Although these are the styles worn at her office, she rejects them and purchases traditionally formal clothes in neutrals and black.Rachel’s decision is most likely driven by _____ factors.





Question 2

Online communities like Internet forums, newsgroups, and social networking sites take advantage of the _____ function of the Internet.





Question 3

A _____ is generally responsible for generating programs necessary to build and assemble the features for social tools such as blogs and communities.

social media specialist

brand manager


social media developer

Question 4

Marketers can attempt to shape the outcome of the post purchase evaluation by:

attempting to convince consumers that a competing brand does not meet their criteria.

offering personal assistance with any problem experienced with the product.

trying to get consumers to expand their evoked sets to include their product.

helping consumers to identify potential problems or needs.

Question 5

Which of the following terms refers to a company website that sells products to customers?

Information kiosk

Corporate website

Electronic storefront

Online community

Question 6

The executive summary of a social media marketing plan is said to be effective if:

it clearly describes the overall market conditions and the firm’s current position in social media.

it gives compelling reasons as to why the plan should be adopted by the firm.

it effectively defines the methods for monitoring, measuring, and managing the social media marketing efforts.

it provides an expert view on the competitors’ presence in the social media, including the platforms they choose and their overall effectiveness.

Question 7

The term _____ is used to describe dot-com retailers without traditional stores or catalogs.





Question 8

The content for a social media marketing campaign is said to be effective if it:

presents the SMM effort as a one-way conversation, much like traditional marketing.

contains detailed information about competing product offerings in the market.

has a strong brand focus.

focuses on promoting the company outright.

Question 9

Which of the following types of social media platforms allow their users to create an online profile of biographical data including photos and information such as employment, education, and relationship status, and to invite friends to join their circle?

Social networking sites

Blogging sites

Social news sites


Question 10

Edward is looking to purchase a laptop as he is not satisfied with the features of his old laptop. He gathers information from his coworkers about the new models available in the market with the desired features and lists down all the available options. The next step in Edward’s decision-making process is to:

purchase the product from a trusted dealer recommended by his family.

compare the prices and features of all the available brands in his list.

continue looking for more options available in the market.

identify the problem he is facing with his current computer.

Question 11

The _____ of a social media marketing plan examines and evaluates the competitors’ presence in social media, including the platforms and tools they select and their overall effectiveness.

executive summary


competitive analysis


Question 12

Big Martin Corporation uses its website to target customers and promote its products. Big Martin is engaged in:


online trading.

Web services.

integrated marketing.

Question 13

A motive is an inner state that directs a person to create:

equity between the cost and benefits of the need satisfaction.

a sense of cognitive dissonance in the process of need satisfaction.

equilibrium between the actual and desired states.

excitement in attaining the need satisfaction.

Question 14

Stinson’s, a chain of luxury department stores, uses a unique two-dimensional code on pamphlets and brochures that can be read by mobile phones with cameras. These codes provide detailed information regarding the products available in the store along with their prices. Which of the following are being used by Stinson’s in the above scenario?

Social networks


QR codes

Fact Tags

Question 15

Jonathan, who has experience in graphics designing, was hired by a firm to oversee the look and feel of its Facebook page. Jonathan was most likely hired as a _____.


brand manager

social media designer

social media developer