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Psychology discussion and replies

Psychology discussion and replies

Psychology discussion and replies. Record the observations in your notebook in a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document. The observations should not be conducted with any specific notions or theories.


In preparation for this assignment, read the “Maladaptive Perfectionism as a Mediator and Moderator Between Adult Attachment and Depressive Mood” article located in the Topic 3 readings.


Write a 750-1,000-word paper about your selected article. Be sure to include the following in your paper:

  • A discussion about the key variables in the selected article
  • Identify the validity and reliability reported statistics for the article
  • The particular threats to internal validity that were found in the study
  • The strengths and limitations of the multivariate models used in the selected article
  • A reference and in-text citations for the selected article as well as one additional reference

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.

PART IAfter watch The Zimbardo Ted Talk and Bystander Effect reflect upon how these topics relate to the real world. Where do you see conformity, obedience, and Bystander effect and what can you do to act against them when necessary?

1. What in your life would be examples of conforming into assigned roles?

2. Why might conformity be expected or right in some situations rather than others?


1. What is a topic in this course have you found most interesting? and why?

2. Describe how you can apply that psychological construct to your life today.

Assignment 2

Go to the Psychology Brain Based Media piece to read the case study of siblings please see attached..

Write a 500-750-word paper discussing various approaches to parenting based on the information provided in the scenario. Address the following in your paper:

  1. Discuss how a parent, using authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive parenting styles, would manage the behavior in the scenario.
  2. Discuss the effects of each parenting style on the child.
  3. Based on Piaget’s theory, create a parenting plan to educate parents to react appropriately to the scenario. Include the following in your parenting plan:
  • Discuss which parenting style is most effective in the long-term.
  • How can understanding the stages of child development improve a parent’s ability to interact with his/her child? Provides an example using one of Piaget’s stages.

Include at least two scholarly references, in addition to the textbook, in your paper.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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Montgomery riverfront brawl: Impact of social media

Montgomery riverfront brawl: Impact of social media.


According to CNN ”

A riverboat crew member involved in a massive brawl on a popular riverfront dock in Montgomery, Alabama, said he was just doing his job when he found himself involved in the fight that gained national attention last month.

“I went to work to work, not to be in a fight or get jumped on,” Dameion Pickett, co-captain of the Harriott II, said Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“There’s a cause and effect of every situation,” he added.” ““The Montgomery Police Department acted swiftly to detain several reckless individuals for attacking a man who was doing his job,” Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed said”

The Montgomery brawl has sparked a headed race debate across the country.

This historical event has sparked debate about white superiority  and racism against black folks. How has social media impacted the discussion about race and white superiority?



Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Mass Media as a Social Institution.

It talks about how citizen surveillance has been taken on a higher level but is used to prevent crime and states that the fear instilled in the society leads to citizens giving up easily on their civil liberties and privacy, which gives the pushing forces more controlling power (Altheide).

Mass media is considered to be a social institution. A social institution is usually given a definition as an organization that is highly crucial to the socialization process. this is through providing a support system for various individuals in their struggle to become members of a larger social network (Art Silverblatt). Traditionally, social institutions such as church, government, school, and family were used to provide individuals with the knowledge and the social skills needed to successfully integrate into society. Through these institutions, people were able to learn the various things accepted and not accepted in the society, and also be able to communicate with others through various means, such as language, appearance, or actions if we were to be part of the society. In Church, through religious doctrines and beliefs, we learned how to live with one another. In school we were taught the professional ways and how to be part of the educated mass (Cristol). Through the government, we were able to learn of law and order, justice and criminalities, and the punishment of violating any of the laid down societal rules. In the family setting, more was learned including loving and caring for others, close relationships with other people, and the vital knowledge on how to live in the world with one another, that was passed down from the parents to their children through their everyday life. For a larger part of our history, these were the known institutions that educated and natured us into a society (Art Silverblatt).


At the end of the 20th Century, people are increasingly turning to the media for direction in rules and behavior in a society. Therefore media should uphold integrity and standards to promote a better society by giving truthful information.

Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help .I will pay for the following article Promotion of mental / psychological health. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The Impact of Value Orientation in Promoting Mental Health Your Full The Impact of Value Orientation in Promoting Mental Health Mental illnesses have been regarded as one of the main reasons for loss of quality of life and statistics have shown that almost 20 percent of adults have gone through some form of mental disorder once in their lifetime (www.samhsa.gov, 2012). Value orientation is one of the identified barriers to the promotion of mental health (Leong and Kalibatseva, 2011). A patient’s beliefs or value orientation greatly affect their behavior, especially when they are surrounded with people that have different values as theirs. As acute care nurses, it is important to understand the cultural background of these patients in order to properly provide the help they need.


Breaking the Barrier

The International Society for Mental Health Online [ISMHO] is an institution that uses the internet to reach psychotherapists and patients who may be suffering from all sorts of mental disorder. The organization aims to help educate those in the field of mental health by providing the information that may be needed in the field. The ISMHO provides information from different parts of the world to help improve the quality of care provided for mental health patients, and encourages research. However, their organization does not provide all information for free, and requires membership of $25 (www.ismho.org).

Research appears to be one of the best strategies that will be able to break the barrier of value orientation (Leong and Kalibatseva, 2011). Acute care nurses can access forums and other information online through sites such as that of the ISMHO so that they may educate themselves and better evaluate the behavior of the patients that they attend to. Case studies in the ISMHO website can serve as a guide to help acute care nurses deal with their patients.

Once the differences in culture and value orientation are identified, acute care nurses will be able to better communicate with the patients, and develop means that will gain the patient’s trust. As with any form of interpersonal relationship, communication also plays a very important role to overcome value orientation as a barrier in mental health promotion. Leong and Kalibatseva (2011) identified that collectivistic values of Hispanics and Asian people make them more difficult to attend to because of their culture that emotions or problems should not be told to strangers. It is then imperative that acute care nurses must deal with patients, especially those belonging to minority groups, in a manner that the patients will able to feel that it is alright to disclose their emotions or problems even if they are talking to strangers.



Value orientation plays a significant role with how individuals behave and relate to people within their culture and those different from them. It is important that acute care nurses overcome this barrier to be able to better promote mental health with the same efficiency across all individuals. Through research and effective communication, acute care nurses can help improve the lives of people who have mental disorders. With this in mind, are the mental health care facilities, as well as the acute care nurses, prepared to incorporate research into their mental health programs?


International Society for Mental Health Online [IMSHO]. (1997). Mission Statement. Retrieved

from www.ismho.org/mission.asp

Leong, F.T.L. and Kalibatseva, Z. (2011, Mar 23). Cross-cultural Barriers to Mental Health

Services in the United States. Retrieved from www.dana.org/news/cerebrum/detail.aspx?id=31364.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA]. (2012, Jan 19). National

Report Finds One-in-Five Americans Experienced Mental Illness in the Past Year. Retrieved from http://www.samhsa.gov/newsroom/advisories/1201185326.

Impact of social media on a company’s image

Impact of social media on a company’s image

Need an research paper on the usage and impact of social media on a companys image and reputation. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism. Social media is another platform from which the company’s feedback about any particular product from the customer’s end can be obtained. This feedback is essential for further future growth, maintaining competitiveness within the industry, and improvement can be made if there are any loopholes in the products or services. Suggestions from customers will also be an excellent way of improving the business. Without given customer-oriented services, no company can establish a stable position in the tough competitive market. The suggestion from the customer’s end will help in this work. A good reputation can be formed using social media as only the complimentary messages are shared through it. But there are some adverse effects also that a company can face while using this media. Suppose someone intentionally uses any wrong words or provide any false statement which is against the business and marketing activities of a company. In that case, that will be spread to mass within a few seconds. A destructive impact will be felt on the company’s services or products, and simultaneously a bad image will be created. In such a situation company has to tackle the situation in an intelligent way. Always a company should stay clear to its customers. Proper and timely clarification and justification will help to handle these unwanted situations. Apart from this disadvantage, there are plenty of several opportunities that can be got while using social media to better the business.


Evian Water Company is a French multinational company that produces luxury mineral water bottles. Danone Group owns the company. Many businesses like organic skincare products, luxury resort business under the ‘Evian’ brand name. Danone Group launched the product of water as an expensive and luxury bottled water product in the market. The company uses the sound source for getting raw materials and good quality of water and also uses the state of art bottling technique in the manufacturing process. The source of getting water as raw material is Cachet. Here water emerges from a tunnel in the mountain. The temperature is 52.88 degrees F while getting the water. The source is created from snowmelt and rainwater (Shiva, 2002). Evian water is recognized as the world’s number one premium water, which is dominated by the world’s bottled drinking water market. Evian is such a kind of brand that can be used undoubtedly when mothers feed their newborn babies. Their promotional tag line is “The only water for babies.”&nbsp.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoT7qH_uVNo

Homework 2

Compose a 2250 words assignment on effects of media upon children and their behavior in the real life. Needs to be plagiarism free! Television in the current era plays a significant role in children. Almost all of them spend four to six hours a day watching TV. There are numerous channels launched from all over the world, out of which few are informative and educating, and some merely affect the children’s nature. While watching their favorite shows, they also come across advertisements for sexual protection or hygienic products. In those advertisements, the usage is openly shown. Sometimes, parents do not worry about what their children watch. they also take them to the movies without realizing that their children will be influenced (Gentile 23).

Children tend to be very inspired by movies and movie characters. Films about national heroes, army, patriots, and scientists influence them to study and increase their innovative thinking. They try to learn and to become like them. On the other hand, movies also become a significant reason for aggressiveness, frequent nightmares, and negativity. There is some evidence that confirms the substantial adverse effects of media on children. It has been found that many children adopt the attitude of aggression as a result of being influenced by television programs. &nbsp.

Some weeks ago, my mother, who is a psychologist, had an 8-year-old patient. That young boy started acting inadequately in response to everyday things. He stopped talking with everybody. His parents were anxious because he misbehaved. Whenever his parents gave him anything to eat or play with, he looked at them in a very pathetic way. After full observation and analysis, my mother advised his parents to control what he watches on TV. The conclusion was that the boy used to watch Mr. Bean because he started acting like him frequently. There should be limited timing for children to watch television.

To date, children spend too much of their time with these different forms of media. Television has changed the American child from an irresistible force to an immovable object. Watching wrestling also influences kids to behave like wrestlers. They learn their styles and actions. In schools, they try these things on their peers (Evra 59).

An outline on Je Suis Charlie

An outline on Je Suis Charlie

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Je Suis Charlie. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Twitter is the first media channel to use this slogan, and it was under the hashtag, #jusuischarlie. This slogan was also trending in another hashtag, #iamcharlie, which is a translation of Je Suis Charlie (Lee, 2015). Within a span of two weeks after the attack, the slogan was very popular on Twitter and the history of Twitter.


This concept of Je Suis Charlie became acceptable worldwide, and it was displayed in animated cartoons, and this includes the famous cartoon, the Simpsons (Lee, 2015). The print media, such as the New York Times, The Guardian, also embraced this term, and they constantly used it, while reporting on the terrorist attack, at the Charlie Hebdo satirical News Paper. The reason for this attack is the depiction of a cartoon image of the prophet Muhammad (Lee, 2015).

This paper tracks the development of this story, across the media channels, and this includes both the mainstream and the alternative media. The mainstream media organizations that this paper tracks this story from, includes, BBC, CNN and Yahoo. The alternative media, that this paper analyzes the manner which they reported this story, is WSWS, which is an abbreviation of the World Socialist Web, and the news channel, referred to as Democracy Now.

Yahoo Media is one of the mainstream media organizations that were responsible for covering this news event. In its coverage of this event, the headline of the news story begins, with the words, “Paris shooting…. ”(Yahoo News, 2015). This title introduces the audience to what had just happened. It tries to create suspense to the reader, and this is in a bid of making the reader read more from the topic. Creation of suspense is one of the most important elements of a news story, and this is because it would catch the eyes of a reader, creating a desire to the person, to go on and read the paper (Lee, 2015). This suspense is quenched when the title, further goes on to denote that, the suspected terrorists, who were involved in the Charlie Hebdo attacks, were all killed by police officers (Yahoo News, 2015). Yahoo Media does not provide a detailed analysis of what was happening.&nbsp. &nbsp.

Homework 2

I need some assistance with these assignment. imitation and gender insubordination Thank you in advance for the help! Butler (1989) tries to ask essential questions. For example, she asks, once the subject “outs” her- or himself, is that person “free of its subjection and finally in the clear?” (308). Or does the subjection continue? But what does the following mean, characteristic of Butler’s writing: “Can sexuality even remain sexuality once it submits to a criterion of transparency and disclosure ..” (309) For something to determine itself, some other must exist to make this determination, and what is it this other? This other is a “prior to” and it is the most interesting thing which Butler says, I believe. Her thought is easily confusing unless one grabs hold of that idea. She is looking for the prior and I believe she is asking does whatever the prior is establish sexuality or is the prior already a sexually determined object. There is a danger that coming out “reinscribes the power domains that it resists” and that it is part of the “heterosexual matrix that it seeks to displace” (309). One must try to locate the “framework that privileges heterosexuality as origin”. Butler would like to use the concept of the speech act (from philosopher John Austin) to say the way one creates being is the way in which one may create herself or himself. There is a difficulty perhaps always in this activity as one must ask who is doing the creating? From what position is the creating done, that of homosexuality or heterosexuality? I think it is important for Butler, because she wants to produce an original, defensible “I that is thoroughly lesbian or homosexual, without the pejorative connotation. But that is her very problem. the pejorative connotation is already tied into the words and their origin from the heterosexual point of view. Butler would like to reach a non-reflexive position that perhaps is neither heterosexual nor homosexual.

Butler has to establish, more or less a private language”, one that is not derived from the present language, because the present language already has the power relationships of sexual identities established in it – that is a man, and that is a woman. But Butler seeks “that grid of cultural intelligibility that regulates the real and the nameable’ (312).

Intelligence tests and cultural bias discussion board

Intelligence tests and cultural bias discussion board

DB 5

What kind of questions would you include on an intelligence test to minimize cultural bias?



DB 6

The time is coming when choosing the genetic traits of your child is going to be possible. What kinds of ethical and practical problems might arise from this development

Sociology Homework 2

prepare and submit a paper on how video games are positively affecting americas youth.

The early eighties were called the golden age of gaming industry as space invaders developed by Taito set new benchmark in gaming industry in terms of revenue. At the same period the home gaming console industry was also blooming with the advent of personal computing. Other major highlight of this decade is the release of Super Mario by Nintendo. During nineties arcade games saw a decline and paved way for home game consoles. Also at this point of time handhelds were becoming popular because of its ease to carry around and play but declined before the end of nineties. From mid-nineties saw a major transition in several aspects such as the games became three dimensional from two dimensional and also CD ROM’s started to replace the traditional cartridges. Popular and powerful gaming consoles like PlayStation were released by Sony.2010 saw Nintendo emerging as leaders based upon software revenues followed by Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Sony, and Microsoft respectively. On the other side in gaming consoles arena Sony with its PlayStation series and Microsoft with its Xbox series of consoles are competing for each other fiercely for leadership. A separate genre of games which were less in complexity flourished during this period after associating it with social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Also with the advancement of mobile phone technology several gaming applications were developed for advanced gaming and multimedia phones. Nokia introduced N-gage series mobiles with an in-house built gaming platform which did not take of as expected. At present days with the introduction of motion-sensing mobile phones, more motion sensing games are becoming popular.

The new motion sensor technology detects the entire body movement and provides it as inputs for the game. Using these technology users can engage themselves in virtual games physically as in real life.

Thesis writing homework help

Thesis writing homework help

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic various aspects of lifespan development

Physical development can be defined as the process through which the infants or rather the newborns gain control over their bodies. Thus, they get to move on their own with or without the support of other people or items (Krapp & Wilson, 2005). Between the first two to five months. these young babies can roll over in both directions and therefore they cannot move or rather walk, stand or grow on their own. This is because their bones are still very weak, and the physiological development is still at initial stages thus from this scenario it is true thus to say that a child’s physical development starts with muscular control.

This process, however, is gradual, and the parents should not get worried in case it seems to delay. In between five and seven months the children develop the first teeth. Assuming that the child has been undergoing normal breastfeeding, they now have high levels of calcium in their bodies hence they develop teeth (Festingen, 1962). After this time, the child is now between 5 and seven months. They start exhibiting the ability to sit unsupported (although not for a long time as they easily get tired). The infants under this stage also crawl on hands and knees, and they can even pull themselves up while holding on objects. This gives their parents a signal that they can now start giving the child more exercise. Parent, therefore, hold their babies hands and encouraging them to make their first steps.

Physical development can be affected by both genetic or rather hereditary and environmental factors. First I will begin by considering genetic factors. When a child is conceived, they usually take up the genetic makeup of their parents. For instance, if the genes of either of their parents or both are such that they grow slowly, it goes without saying that the child will follow suit too.


Psychology thesis writing homework.

Create a thesis and an outline on CBT Research into Perfectionism. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

In this context, perfectionism can be a component of how problems develop and may also be an aspect that continues to fuel the problems. At its very basic level, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy seeks to understand and make changes to thoughts, beliefs, and behavior, which fuel the existence of problems (Herbert & Forman, 2011). In dealing with perfectionism, these cycles have to be identified to make changes that will result in the problem areas being reduced.

Researchers consider perfectionism as belonging to a cluster of thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that focus on the attainment of faultlessness and distinction, as well as in the achievement of high standards regardless of the associated costs (Frost & Steketee, 2002). These attributes may appear at first glance as appropriate and useful when considered from a school or work point of view, and in most cases, they are supported by the society (Egan & Wade, 2014). However, when this form of being is considered as a part of daily living, the results seem to be dysfunctional as the people who consider themselves to be perfectionists set targets that are difficult for them and others to achieve. People with this problem are often dissatisfied when they do not meet these expectations as they define their self-worth through the attainment of their set standards.

People who are associated with perfectionism are affected by self-doubt and can never be satisfied completely in a manner that will last (Hackfort & Tenenbaum, 2006). Perfectionists often fall into slippery slopes that involve their belief systems interfering with their activities including relationships and work. For instance, an individual with perfectionist characteristics may miss deadlines regularly as a result of their high work standards and may in numerous situations face writer’s block. A perfectionist individual also erodes his or her relationship with friends and family as he or she will start imposing the same impractical standards on the people who are important in their lives. Perfectionists, in most instances, continue to take part in the same actions regardless of the negative impact since they fear failure.

Distinguish Between Evolutionary Psychology and Sociobiology

Distinguish Between Evolutionary Psychology and Sociobiology

Prepare and submit a term paper on Distinguish Between Evolutionary Psychology and Sociobiology. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length.


At this stage, a majority of the individuals face an identity crisis and tend to think too much about what society will perceive their behaviors.


Stage three deals with individuals adapting to their homosexual status. The individuals, at this stage, have to live with the fact that, their needs, be it emotional or social have to be aligned with their being homosexual. It is also at this stage that individuals are left to choose whether to disclose their sexual orientation or keep it a secret.

Unlike the third stage, the fourth stage allows individuals to accept their status, as well as accept their being homosexuals. In stage five, the individuals develop identity pride and feel happy being identified with other individuals of their like. It is also at this stage that individuals tend to champion their rights as members of the community. Lastly, individuals develop identity synthesis that allows individuals to view heterosexuals as members of the community with their own opinion. Consequently, individuals attest to the fact that the world is not split into two groups.

Evolutionary psychologists indicate that the major reason behind human beings engaging in sexual behavior is to bring up offspring. Through the production of offsprings, the cycle of life continues, with genes of parents being passed on to future generations. On the other hand, evolutionary psychologists argue that the continuity of species is possible through stable reactions between two individuals. In this context, therefore, it is defensible to argue that long term relations are inevitable. as it is through, these relationships that both partners are likely to find their lifetime partners. The identification of a lifetime partner has been indicated to create a prolific ground for the existence and continuity of species.

Evolutionary psychology, argues that the involvement of parents in bringing up their children evolved from the fact.

Assignment 2

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic fear of flying

According to this research, most people did not employ an effective posttreatment flight to determine the results. The main problem emanated from the fact that it was difficult and costly to use real planes to study fear of flying (Rothbaum et al., 2000). This persists as a problem, although the number of those who fear flying is drastically increasing. It is a point of concern when many people are unable to fly because of ungrounded fear. This is the reason that propelled the researcher to dig deep into factors and consequences associated with fear of flying.

Forty-nine participants were chosen and randomly allotted to practical reality exposure therapy and the standard exposure treatment. This study included eight distinct sessions covering 6 weeks. Five participants with one therapist boarded the same plane after paying a subsidized fee. The introduction of air ticket was to scare away joyriders but give serious people a therapy session that could change their lives.

Anxiety management sessions took four full sessions alternated with either exposure to a practical airplane or a real plane at the air depot. The study also involved an actual posttreatment of passengers on a commercial plane. The interest was to determine the level of willingness of subjects to fly and determine the state of anxiety among the participants. The research uses the fear of flying rating tool on each participant.

The findings revealed that both Virtual reality exposure and standard exposure ranked higher than wait-list control. Additionally, there seemed to be no discernable difference between virtual reality exposure and standard exposure. As a way of harnessing the benefits of the study, there followed six months of observation. After the six-month posttreatment, much virtual reality exposures and standard exposure subjects had flown (Rothbaum et al., 2000). There was substantial support for virtual reality exposure and standard exposure as treatment modalities for fear of flying individuals.

Men versus Women in Sports Media Coverage and Popularity

Men versus Women in Sports Media Coverage and Popularity

Prepare and submit a term paper on Men versus Women in Sports Media Coverage and Popularity. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length


At the Vancouver Olympics for example men received almost whole day prime-time coverage. This was about 13 hours higher in comparison to women’s coverage (Brown 102). Men in most cases tend to perform extremely well in various games. This boosts the reporter’s morale towards covering most of the men’s games. In the summer Olympics in 2008 as well as the preceding years, there emerged improved airtime coverage with both men and women almost getting equal airtime coverage. About 46.3% of airtime coverage went to women this year, a decrease from the previous year 2004 when the coverage was 47.9% (Beck 46). Nevertheless, coverage of women’s sports events improved heavily towards socially acceptable sports for women. The socially accepted sports such as gymnastics are always attractive as these sports involve minimal clothing hence women can be easily displayed as physically attractive. These kinds of sports, even though are highly ranked in the media coverage among the women are not morally acceptable in the media fraternity. This case study explains the impact of media coverage in comparison to men’s and women’s sports coverage and popularity.

Women who normally take part in sports that involve either power or hard body contact are more often unlikely to receive media coverage. This is due to the stereotypical assumptions involved with these kinds of feminine events thus. there are reduced women sports coverage (Chua45). The women’s court volleyball competition received absolutely no coverage in the year 2004 despite the American team’s captivating performance and securing the silver medal. This was almost equally divided between both the men and women volleyball sports coverage this year. The emphasis of the women’s sports coverage exhibited a high emphasis on the women’s attractiveness and gendered qualities that may be provided for a much more efficient male-centric coverage. The 2010 Olympics aptly inclined towards men coverage thus rendering it biased (Lewis 78). Most of the winter sports by their nature generally provide women with fewer opportunities to capture various sports. The make-up of the spectators whom NBC normally targets to please provides a more complex narrative than mere pandering to male sports fans for the summer Olympics in 2008.

Assignment 2-Sample

create a thesis and an outline on The Sub-Cultures of the Star Trek Fans. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

The studies have equally examined the methods in which fans interact with the text. In anthropological studies, comparisons have been made between Star Trek fan body and religious Movements (Jindra, 1994). On another account, cultural studies have made comparisons of fan organizations and cults (Hills, 200). This article seeks to examine and give a comprehensive report on the ordinary Star Trek fans.

The original Star Trek was the creation of Gene Roddenberry (1921-1991), a United States Television producer and author. His idea was to develop a Television series involving the futuristic prospects of science fiction with the stage show and enthusiasm of TV westerns his original heading for the television series was the Wagon Train to the Stars. Star Trek was initially aired on American Television in 1966 and continued for three series. Each chapter was in itself an adventure, but then they were all connected together by the premise of a huge spacecraft that was crewed by a various range of individuals, traveling around the galaxy on a mission that took five years to explore different life and new evolutions, to confidently visit a place where no human being has gone in the past. Even though, not expressly successful it attracted a devoted fan-base that was partially made up of male fans that were interested in the scientific and exceptional effects essentials of the show. On the other hand, the show also enticed many female fans.

Over the past three decades, Star Trek has been using the term mega-text. Star Treks mega-text involves much more than the innumerable studio-based television series and films. it also consists of novels, Internet chat groups, treaties, and fanzines among others. That Star Treks idea of space examination is a lightly hidden metaphor for imperialism has extensively undergone analysis (Bernardi, 1998). Exploration, occupation, and incorporation are not far from the surface of the Star Trek New Generation text. Less ostensible, nonetheless, are features of the series that challenge the hegemonic understanding of this story and which current a post-colonial appraisal.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses transcript of therapy session

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses transcript of therapy session

Patient: I don’t know!&nbsp. I’m scared to leave him.&nbsp. I’ve been with him since I was 16!&nbsp. That’s seven years!&nbsp. I don’t know what I would do without him!&nbsp.

Therapist: Do you love him?

Patient: I don’t know!&nbsp. I used to, but now I think I’m with him just because I’m too scared to leave him.&nbsp.

Therapist: What are you afraid of?


Patient: Being alone, having to make it on my own.&nbsp. What if I can’t do it?&nbsp.

Therapist: You’ve never been on your own before, and it’s natural to feel apprehensive.&nbsp. Everyone feels this way at first, but we all get over it, and so will you.&nbsp. You’re a smart young woman, and you will be just fine.&nbsp. You can make it on your own.&nbsp.

Patient: I don’t know if I can.&nbsp. We’ve been together for so long…

Therapist: It will seem difficult at first like all changes do, but you will begin to feel like things are getting easier day by day.&nbsp. And you don’t have to make such a big decision right this minute.&nbsp. We’re just talking right now so you can get a handle on what you’re feeling, OK?&nbsp.

Patient: OK.

Therapist: Let’s talk about the things you need.&nbsp. Do you think the two of you needed this break?&nbsp.&nbsp.

Patient: I don’t know. I guess so.&nbsp. We were fighting a whole lot, and I was feeling a bit smothered and taken for granted.&nbsp. Unappreciated.&nbsp. Maybe we did need a break.&nbsp.

Therapist: And have you been socializing during this break?&nbsp. You mentioned earlier that you haven’t been doing well in school in the past few days.&nbsp. Have you been interacting with your friends?&nbsp. Remember, I said that you need the support of your friends right now.

Patient: Talking to you about my problems is one thing because I know you won’t blab my business to everyone, but I don’t talk to people about my personal life.&nbsp.

Therapist: I can appreciate that, and you don’t have to tell people all your business to socialize with your friends.&nbsp. You don’t need to isolate yourself right now.&nbsp. Go to a movie or out to eat with some friends.&nbsp. It will do you good to be around supportive, encouraging people.&nbsp.

Patient: I don’t exactly feel like being around a bunch of happy people right now.&nbsp.

Therapist: I understand, but I still want you to spend some of your free time around your friends and focus on building positive, platonic relationships.&nbsp. Now let’s talk about what you want.&nbsp. We’ll start with something simple.&nbsp. Tell me what you want from your educational experience.&nbsp. Why did you decide to go back to school?&nbsp.

Sample Assignment

Write a 6 pages paper on global media assessment

The movies provided give brief descriptions of the effects of online activism. Thus, the section will give a description of the both negative and positive effects of online activism and a review of the movies watched.

The first effect of online activism is awareness. The first objective of online activism is to give information to the public through the internet. A massive population is reached with information since most people spend a lot of time on the internet. With several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites attracting people to the internet, most people get information and activism messages. As a result, very many people will be mobilized, and they will be inspired to come up and support a certain program or a certain aspect of the project. This is much better off than when people have to be mobilized manually around the globe and convince them to support a certain project. At least online activism caters to a large group of people who are internet active (Pickerill 331).

However, online activism may cause harm to underage or may not reach a specific targeted group. For example, social sites on the internet being visited by all sorts of groups. A given project or program may be targeting individuals under 30 years, but when used on the internet, the information reaches even people who are older and younger. Here, there will be no target achieved, or additionally, maybe the program is meant for individuals who are above 18 years, but now that the social sites cover all ages, the information might be harmful to kids under 18 years. For example, programs dealing with sexual matters should not be publicized on the internet because kids might come across them.

The movies watched give great descriptions of the effects of online activism. For example, movie activists vs. activists give the effect of online activism as awareness. The movie was done by Tomas Whitmore and Julianne Waters on the effects of online activism on the public. Actually, the movie notes that several views are heard concerning activism and most people prefer online activism to any other form of activism, as it sounds cool. However, the science of translation involved has many errors. The Arabic movies actually had errors since the translations were not right at some point.