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Probability exam maths homework

Probability exam maths homework

Exam: 250712RR – Probability

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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a pagebreak, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.

1. A breeder records probabilities for two variables in a population of animals using the two-way table givenhere. Given that an animal is brown-haired, what is the probability that it’s short-haired?

Brown-haired Blond

Short-haired 0.06 0.23

Shaggy 0.51 0.20

A. 0.222

B. 0.06

C. 0.0306

D. 0.105

2. Each football game begins with a coin toss in the presence of the captains from the two opposing teams.(The winner of the toss has the choice of goals or of kicking or receiving the first kickoff.) A particularfootball team is scheduled to play 10 games this season. Let x = the number of coin tosses that the teamcaptain wins during the season. Using the appropriate table in your textbook, solve for P(4 ≤ x ≤ 8).

A. 0.171

B. 0.377

C. 0.817

D. 0.246

3. If the mean number of hours of television watched by teenagers per week is 12 with a standard deviationof 2 hours, what proportion of teenagers watch 16 to 18 hours of TV a week? (Assume a normaldistribution.)

A. 0.3%

B. 4.2%

C. 2.1%

D. 4.5%

4. If event A and event B are mutually exclusive, P(A or B) =

A. P(A) + P(B).

B. P(A + B).

C. P(A) + P(B) – P(A and B).

D. P(A) – P(B).

5. Find the z-score that determines that the area to the right of z is 0.8264.

A. 0.94

B. –1.36

C. 1.36

D. –0.94

6. The Burger Bin fast-food restaurant sells a mean of 24 burgers an hour and its burger sales are normallydistributed. If hourly sales fall between 24 and 42 burgers 49.85% of the time, the standard deviation is_______ burgers.

A. 6

B. 9

C. 3

D. 18

7. Using the standard normal table in the textbook, determine the solution for P(0.00 ≤ z ≤ 2.01).

A. 0.0222

B. 0.4821

C. 0.1179

D. 0.4778

8. Which of the following is correct concerning the Poisson distribution?

A. The mean is usually smaller than the variance.

B. The mean is usually larger than the variance.

C. Each event being studied must be statistically dependent on the previous event.

D. The event being studied is restricted to a given span of time, space, or distance.

9. A breeder records probabilities for two variables in a population of animals using the two-way table givenhere. Let A be the event “shaggy and brown-haired.” Compute P(Ac).

Brown-haired Blond

Short-haired 0.06 0.23

Shaggy 0.51 0.20

A. 0.77

B. 0.51

C. 0.49

D. 0.36

10. If the probability that an event will happen is 0.3, what is the probability of the event’s complement?

A. 0.3

B. 0.7

C. 1.0

D. 0.1

11. A new car salesperson knows that she sells a car to one customer out of 20 who enter the showroom.Find the probability that she’ll sell a car to exactly two of the next three customers.

A. 0.0071

B. 0.0075

C. 0.1354

D. 0.9939

12. For each car entering the drive-through of a fast-food restaurant, x = the number of occupants. In thisstudy, x is a

A. discrete random variable.

B. dependent event.

C. continuous quantitative variable.

D. joint probability.

13. Assume that an event A contains 10 observations and event B contains 15 observations. If theintersection of events A and B contains exactly 3 observations, how many observations are in the union ofthese two events?

A. 0

B. 22

C. 28

D. 10

14. Let event A = rolling a 1 on a die, and let event B = rolling an even number on a die. Which of thefollowing is correct concerning these two events?

A. Events A and B are mutually exclusive.

B. On a Venn diagram, event A would overlap event B.

C. Events A and B are exhaustive.

D. On a Venn diagram, event B would contain event A.

15. The possible values of x in a certain continuous probability distribution consist of the infinite number ofvalues between 1 and 20. Solve for P(x = 4).

A. 0.00

B. 0.05

C. 0.02

D. 0.03

16. A credit card company decides to study the frequency with which its cardholders charge for items froma certain chain of retail stores. The data values collected in the study appear to be normally distributed witha mean of 25 charged purchases and a standard deviation of 2 charged purchases. Out of the total numberof cardholders, about how many would you expect are charging 27 or more purchases in this study?

A. 15.9%

B. 94.8%

C. 47.8%

D. 68.3%

17. The probability of an offender having a speeding ticket is 35%, having a parking ticket is 44%, havingboth is 12%. What is the probability of an offender having either a speeding ticket or a parking ticket orboth?

A. 55%

B. 91%

C. 79%

D. 67%

18. From an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards, one is selected at random. What is the probability that theselected card is either an ace, a queen, or a three?

A. 0.25

B. 0.3

C. 0.2308

D. 0.0769

19. Consider an experiment that results in a positive outcome with probability 0.38 and a negative outcomewith probability 0.62. Create a new experiment consisting of repeating the original experiment 3 times.Assume each repetition is independent of the others. What is the probability of three successes?

A. 1.14

B. 0.238

C. 0.762

D. 0.055

20. An apartment complex has two activating devices in each fire detector. One is smoke-activated and hasa probability of .98 of sounding an alarm when it should. The second is a heat-sensitive activator and has aprobability of .95 of operating when it should. Each activator operates independently of the other. Presumea fire starts near a detector. What is the probability that both activating devices will work properly?

A. 0.965

B. 0.049

C. 0.931

D. 0.9895

Compose a 1250 words assignment on matrix project

Compose a 1250 words assignment on matrix project. Needs to be plagiarism free! The algorithm run in time often takes the flowing 7th recursive divide and conquer technique (Storer 2001: 169-170), in which the matrices X and Y are divided into four different quarters and their seven factors computed. then, they are combined in four parts to result in matrix Z. In this application, the algorithms are described below:

Thus, in case the matrices X and Y are not square matrices, there will be a need to fill the missing columns and rows with zeros. Matrices X, Y, and Z are thus partitioned into equally sized block matrices

Even with this design, the number of multiplications has not reduced, 8 multiplications are still required to calculate the matrices. this is just the same as the number of multiplications required when the standard matrix multiplication method is used (Scheinerman 2006: 278). An important part, thus, is to define new matrices as below.

These are then used to express the product matrix in terms of. Due to how the product matrix has been defined, it is easy to eliminate one matrix multiplication and thus decrease the number of multiplications required to just 7, one for every, and express as

Then, the process of division is then iterated n times until the sub-matrices result in elements of the ring W. It is important to note that the Strassen’s algorithm can be efficiently implemented when carrying out multiplication of small sub-matrices using standard matric multiplication techniques.

Standard matrix multiplication often takes roughly (in which ) additions and multiplications. The number of multiplications and additions that are needed in the Strassen Algorithm can be calculated by considering the function (n) to be the number of required operations for any random matrix (Stoller & Bennett 2014: 77). Then, by applying the Strassen Algorithm recursively, it can be seen that f(n) = 7f(n− d) + l4n for a given constant d which depends on the number of additions carried out at every point of application.

Assignment 2

I will pay for the following article Reeds Clothier Inc. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Reed’s Clothier Inc.

To see the actual situation of the firm, we can move forward and discuss Jim’s financial ratios. The first and most important ratio is the current ratio. This gives an idea of liquidity of the firm. It is not good not to be liquid or to be extremely liquidated. The best balanced sheet has a combination of fixed and current assets. Too many of receivables are not good although they may increase the value of assets but they indicate a weak receivable control system. The industry current ratio is 2.7, while for Jim’s company it is 2.01 (Calculated by dividing current assets with current liabilities) Quick ratio for the industry is 1.6. For Jim Reed’s company it is 1.4. 1 : 1 is the least acceptable ratio. Reed’s is lagging behind in both these ratios from industry standards. Another ratio that proves and shows that the Reed’s company is in bad financial shape is Receivable turnover. If this ratio is high, it indicates higher credit policy. If this ratio is low, it shows there are loopholes in receivables policy. The value for industry is 20.1 while this company has the ratio of 26.0. This once again indicates that due to lack of attention, the company finances are suffering. (White, Sondhi and Fried, 1997) Inventory turnover needs to be high as that indicates good sales against inventory. The figure for industry is 7 which is good. The exhibit 5 show that in case of Reed’s the sales are related to inventory, but with increasing stock the increase in sales is not correlation.

Quality homework for less

Quality homework for less

Create a thesis and an outline on Computational Fluid Mechanics. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

The adoption of computational fluid mechanics has seen it exhibit various fruitful transition, from a mere field to an increasingly developed field in practice and design.

This literature review, in form of a position paper, provides a theoretical background of the CFD plus supporting views about its mechanism and its usage within our organization. This will involve studying aspects of technical challenges associated with using the tool within the organization. Further, possibilities and limitations are also presented to further the exploration of how CFD applies to urban physics. Intuitively, this will provide a benchmark for measuring the spatial and temporal scales that can be associated with the position of computational fluid mechanics. Finally, it would be important to scale the position of the review by focusing on the technical aspects of using CFD in the organization. For this reason, it would be possible to extensively discover the future of CFD in urban physics.

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In most urban areas, especially in the industries, urban physics is a core field in facilitating various physical processes. Essentially the field deals with the transmission of heat and mass experienced in the outdoor and indoor urban environment. Further, it focuses this concept of heat and mass transmission on its interaction with humans and materials used in production. Conclusively, an organization is likely to apply this field to ensure a healthy and sustainable outdoor and indoor environment through encompassing all the associated constraints such as security, energetic and health, all of which are considered as grand societal challenges. For these particular reasons, urban physics with all its components is adopted widely across engineering disciplines, scaling from mechanical to electrical engineering. One of the major components that make urban physics formidable is Computational Fluid Dynamics mainly used in numerical simulation within the particular organization.&nbsp.

Assignment two-Quality homework for less

Compose a 2500 words assignment on text and culture

This declaration infuriates Jackie who leaves Roseanne’s house. Roseanne informs her husband Dan about the fight between her and Jackie and Dan responds by saying that even though he does not believe that Jackie has what it takes to become a cop it is likely that she would be accepted by the police department.

Roseanne and her family are having dinner and Darlene is constantly teasing Becky, she reveals that Becky has been reading her father’s magazine ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ and that she wants to be like the girls who appear in the magazine. Roseanne asks Darlene to stop her mischief and quit bothering Becky to which Darlene becomes angry and leaves.

Darlene is shown to be at Jackie’s house where she discusses the issues at home with her aunt. Darlene recounts that no matter how hard she tries it is impossible for her to become like her sister Becky who is perfect in everything and is loved dearly by their parents, especially their mother. Jackie responds by telling Darlene about her relationship with her older sister, Roseanne and how she has tried to control her life and her decision despite her own personal failures. The two younger sisters appear to understand each other’s position and their place in the family as the younger sibling.

Darlene comes back home and Roseanne questions her about her conversations with Jackie but Darlene refuses to share the information. Jackie arrives and thanks Darlene for putting the pail near her bed because she had been drinking. Roseanne hears this and becomes infuriated. The two sisters argue and eventually start hitting each other, they take the fight to the couch and Jackie hits Roseanne and asks her to apologize for going against her wish of becoming a cop and demands that she supports her. Roseanne apologizes but insists that she has one thing to say before lending her support. Roseanne makes an imaginary gun with her hand and points at Jackie while asking her how she would respond to such a threat, Jackie is only able to raise her hand in order to slap the gun before Roseanne tells her that she is now dead.

Affordable physics homework help

Affordable physics homework help

Distribution board is defined as “a component of an electricity supply system which divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit, in a common enclosure.”



Feeder:&nbsp. conductors that connect the power supply source and a final branch circuit over-current device.

N/C and N/O: these are the normally closed and normally open contacts respectively.

Normally closed (N/C) contact is one which is in conducting state when it or the device operating it is in a de-energized condition.

Normally open (N/O) contact is always non-conducting when it or the device operating. it is in a de-energized state. These two connect or disconnect the line from the load.


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Affordable physics homework help

Metering circuit breaker:

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) defines a circuit breaker as: “A mechanical switching device, capable of making, carrying and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions. Also capable of making and carrying for a specified time and breaking currents under specified abnormal circuit conditions, such as those of a short circuit.”

The metering circuit breaker here protects the meter circuit from faults that could cause adverse effects on them. It operates by switching itself off in case of a spot. When the fault is rectified, it is switched on.

Remote emergency trip push button:

It is a switch usually located at a safer location and in this case, is used to shut down the power to the metering on emergency.


22kV/110V VT’S – Metering Voltage Transformer:

It is a transformer used to monitor the power line voltage. This steps down line power from 22kV to 110V that can be applied to the measuring instruments without damaging them.


400/5A, 100/5A CT’S – Metering Current Transformer:

It is a transformer used to monitor the power line current. It isolates the meters from the broad wind of the line and provides a reduced current that can be consumed by the measuring instrument.

The 400/5A reduces current from 400 amperes to 5 amperes suitable for metering instruments.

&nbsp.Likewise, 100A/5A steps down current from 100A to 5A to be used in metering.


TX2 1000kVA 10,000/400V Transformer:

A step-down Delta/Wye transformer that converts 10kV to 400V for low voltage consumption. It has a rating of 1000kVA. The delta/wye configuration is the most commonly used in 3-phase transformers because the wye on the secondary side gives a fourth conductor, the neutral, which is useful in LV distribution. It facilitates the use of single-phase power from a 3-phase LV line.

Main Incomer:

Found on the main distribution board and it acts like a switch which is responsible for switching the phases and neutrals for the whole power supply.

6 Stage 200kVAr PFC Unit with Auto Control:

This is a power factor correction (PFC) unit with a 200kVAr rating. The control parameter is VAR and not PF (power factor). Target PF value is just used to calculate the capacitive VAR required to be added/removed to achieve the desired.

Sociology Homework help

Write 13 pages with APA style on Identification and Constitutive Rhetoric in President Obamas 2009 Inaugural Speech.

The financial crisis, which began in the country, affected many nations spread across the world. As a consequence of the financial crisis, many Americans were jobless or lost their jobs, the healthcare sector was in trouble even as more and more people needed medical cover as protection against rising medical costs (President Barack Obamas Inaugural Addresspar 4-5). Being his first address as the president of the greatest nation on earth, President Obama sought to achieve several goals through his speech. One of the main purposes of the speech was to reassure Americans and give them hope in spite of the prevailing social-political situation that the country was facing. The speech was also an address to the entire world. allies and potential allies, hostile nations and groups, the Muslim community, and poor nations.

Only years earlier, the United States of America had engaged in war with Iraq and Afghanistan. The war between the U.S. and the two countries was based on the premise that the administrations of the two countries were promoting international terrorism by hosting leaders of international terrorist groups or financing their activities. Apart from the issue of terrorism, the U.S. engaged the two countries for oppressing their people and violating their civil rights. Because of the stance that the Bush administration had taken with respect to the two countries, different quarters criticized the U.S. government of terrorizing and bossing other countries. The country was thus facing a lot of criticism from different players in the international arena and its relations with many countries, especially those in the Middle East were strained.

President Obama faced a number of constraints even as he made his inaugural speech. For one, his audience was quite diverse. Appreciating the diversity of that characterized the American nation, Obama stated that “We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus – and non-believers