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Montgomery riverfront brawl: Impact of social media

Montgomery riverfront brawl: Impact of social media.

According to CNN ”

A riverboat crew member involved in a massive brawl on a popular riverfront dock in Montgomery, Alabama, said he was just doing his job when he found himself involved in the fight that gained national attention last month.

“I went to work to work, not to be in a fight or get jumped on,” Dameion Pickett, co-captain of the Harriott II, said Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“There’s a cause and effect of every situation,” he added.” ““The Montgomery Police Department acted swiftly to detain several reckless individuals for attacking a man who was doing his job,” Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed said”

The Montgomery brawl has sparked a headed race debate across the country.

This historical event has sparked debate about white superiority  and racism against black folks. How has social media impacted the discussion about race and white superiority?


Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Mass Media as a Social Institution.

It talks about how citizen surveillance has been taken on a higher level but is used to prevent crime and states that the fear instilled in the society leads to citizens giving up easily on their civil liberties and privacy, which gives the pushing forces more controlling power (Altheide).

Mass media is considered to be a social institution. A social institution is usually given a definition as an organization that is highly crucial to the socialization process. this is through providing a support system for various individuals in their struggle to become members of a larger social network (Art Silverblatt). Traditionally, social institutions such as church, government, school, and family were used to provide individuals with the knowledge and the social skills needed to successfully integrate into society. Through these institutions, people were able to learn the various things accepted and not accepted in the society, and also be able to communicate with others through various means, such as language, appearance, or actions if we were to be part of the society. In Church, through religious doctrines and beliefs, we learned how to live with one another. In school we were taught the professional ways and how to be part of the educated mass (Cristol). Through the government, we were able to learn of law and order, justice and criminalities, and the punishment of violating any of the laid down societal rules. In the family setting, more was learned including loving and caring for others, close relationships with other people, and the vital knowledge on how to live in the world with one another, that was passed down from the parents to their children through their everyday life. For a larger part of our history, these were the known institutions that educated and natured us into a society (Art Silverblatt).

At the end of the 20th Century, people are increasingly turning to the media for direction in rules and behavior in a society. Therefore media should uphold integrity and standards to promote a better society by giving truthful information.

Fair Housing

200 words each with 1 reference Fair Housing

Part I. Reread the memo about fair housing – see attached memo

Explain how you serve the council even though their ideas might differ from the public good. Can you argue that serving the council’s decision is serving the public good?

Part II.  If you were the city manager in the situation from the first DQ. Would you implement the policy? Explain why. Discuss the challenges that might occur if someone did choose to implement the policy.

History Assignment and answer

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the vietnam war did war prove to be a successful means of achieving political objective examine this from both the us and north vietnamese perspectives Paper must be at least 4000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! It is “an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfill our will… War is not merely an act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political intercourse, carried on with other means.2

The Vietnam War was initially a conflict between two new countries that came out of the French colonization of Indochina. But, the US intervention led to a change in the circumstances. In the end, the essential reality of the struggle, wrote Hendrik Hertzberg in his book, Politics (2005), “was that the Communists, imbued with an almost fanatical sense of dedication to a reunified Vietnam under their control, saw the war against the United States and its South Vietnamese ally as the continuation of two thousand years of resistance to Chinese and later French rule.” (p. 37)

Although there are three main players in the Vietnam War: North Vietnam, South Vietnam and the United States, there is the important addition of the Soviet Union as an actor and to a certain degree, China, that the Vietnam War came to be characterized by the conflict of two factions, the Communist and the US-South Vietnam alliance. On the Communist side, there is North Vietnam, Soviet Union and China. Here, the Vietnamese communist is holding the center stage.

The Vietnam War was said to be an undeclared war between the Soviet Union and the United States or an extension of the Cold War, with Vietnam as the battleground of the West and the Communists war for global influence. The strategy in this regard is that these major powers were involved in their war against each other using the weaker countries as a battleground. In this approach, their troops are kept at a minimum and that they – the US and Soviet Union – are protected, themselves, from risk of direct attack.

Assignment 3

Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Netflix: Traffic Feud Leads to Video Slowdown. It is a fact that media plays a most pivotal role to influence people in society and therefore it becomes necessary that the information conveyed to us is devoid of any personal opinion of the reporter.

True media reporting is unbiased and without opinion but the moot question is whether it really happens so? Even suppressing some information and highlighting the specific one without giving any personal opinion also falls in the category of biased reporting because it tends to develop a specific opinion in society. With the electronic media in vogue, the news keeps on pouring every minute – all 24 hours in a day uninterruptedly, and thereby it has an enormous capacity to influence most of us. The point is technology has made huge changes in one’s life. Online video services have emerged as a major entertainer cum news provider in recent years and thereby this technology has also set some new ground rules for many.

In order to make my point though, the first article that I have chosen is titled Netflix-Traffic Feud Leads to Video Slowdown written by Drew FitzGerald and Shalini Ramachandran and published in a prestigious magazine ‘The Wall Street Journal’ in their issue dated February 18, 2014. The article highlights the dispute between Netflix and Verizon owing to new possibilities emerging due to the rapid advancement in internet technologies. Netflix is a large video content provider and customers access video content through broadband connectivity provided by Verizon, Comcast, AT&T Inc., or Time Warner Cable in their regions. Usually, when tens of thousands of customers hook up to such video programs during prime time simultaneously, the program streaming slows down considerably resulting in unsatisfactory performance. Broadband providers such as Verizon communication take a view that they have fixed data-carrying capacity per second in their network. however, Netflix video programs occupy a large proportion of data creating congestion to their networking pipe. The end result is the reduced streaming speed for Netflix customers, especially during prime-time. The current debate is who should pay for the upgrades for a satisfying experience for the customers.

Racial disparities in the federal death penalty

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses the persistent problem of racial disparities in the federal death penalty. In the legal system, in particular, there is a great deal of racial inequality afflicting a great number of people trapped in prisons. The question is frequently raised whether this racial inequality is a matter of racism, or simply a matter of economics, and whether fixing racism or fixing economic conditions for these groups is the better option (Shulman, 1984). There is a definite structure in “structured inequality” when it comes to the legal system: a structure that reflects the structure of the system itself. The legal system of the United States is centered on the roles of judges, lawyers, lawmakers, criminals, and the members of juries.

Each of these players in the legal system has a certain role to play, and in some cases, contribute to the structured inequality we see reflected in the statistics of how prevalent incarceration is within African-American populations. However, the question of a single, linear cause is a mistaken one. The cause of this inequality cannot be isolated and accounted for. A more responsible model of cause in this situation is reciprocal causality: a condition in which cause and effect mutually contribute to the problem. For instance, if racist targeting by police starts a young man in the prison system, it is economics and his need to turn to crime to stay alive that keeps him in the system. There are, of course, many more causal factors than simply racism and economics that make up structured inequality, but these are the largest categories for analysis. The reinforcement of causal factors by other causal factors creates a situation in which members of particular racial groups lack the resources to escape a cycle of crime and poverty. African-Americans, in particular, statistically suffer the most from this vicious cycle. To identify the specific problems, however, one needs to look in detail at how the legal system is structured in order to pinpoint the factors involved to make the system unequal in how it enforces the law.

Assignment 2

Developing Gen Y Leaders

How important are excellent leaders to organizations? Well, the answer, in theory of course, would be very important. However, the answer as practiced by countless organizations might indicate otherwise. Only 38 percent of organizations have a formal frontline leadership development program in place. It’s important for organizations to commit to strong leadership development, and it’s particularly important for organizations to begin grooming their Gen Y employees to move into critical leadership positions. Why? Within 10 years (by 2025), these Millennials are set to comprise 75 percent of the global workforce. That’s why organizational leadership development programs are absolutely essential. Let’s look at what some companies are doing to prepare the next generation for leadership.

Excellent leaders have to be developed and cultivated.

3M’s leadership development program is so effective that it has been one of the “Top 20 Companies for Leadership” in six of the last seven years and ranks as one of the top 25 companies for grooming leadership talent according to consultant Hay Group. What is 3M’s leadership program all about? A few years ago, the company’s former CEO and his top team spent 18 months developing a leadership model for the company. After numerous brainstorming sessions and much heated debate, the group finally agreed on six “leadership attributes” that they believed were essential for managers to have in order for the company to become skilled at executing strategy and being accountable.  Those six attributes included the ability to: develop a plan and implement that plan; motivate and rouse others; be ethical and trustworthy and abide by the rules; achieve outcomes; strive for excellence; and be a capable and creative innovator. The company has continued to reinforce its pursuit of leadership excellence with these six attributes.

Other companies, such as Ernst & Young, start early in recruiting and investing in future leaders, often going after talented college freshmen who have leadership potential. They take the best talent and involve them in various leadership development programs both while in school and after graduation. Deloitte, another company rated high for its leadership development programs, is deeply committed to helping its Millennial employees learn and absorb the leadership skills they will need to lead the company in the future. It starts with a very specific recruiting strategy for hiring Millennials and continues with a yearlong “Welcome to Deloitte” program. This program is all about teaching this age group client-management skills and team-building skills, and offering professional development opportunities. And, not surprisingly, it’s done largely through social media using interactive experiences such as role-plays, simulations, games, and a tool to help these employees track their first-year tasks.

At Facebook, the first Millennial-run organization to become a Fortune 500 company, leadership development is designed around the needs of a fast-moving, fast-growing company. The head of leadership development at Facebook says that the only way leadership development works there is by making it consistent with the types of engineering tech types that comprise the company. Engineers are concerned only with “what works.” And it’s the same for any type of leadership development to be successful here; the focus has to be on what works. Also, since Facebook is an extremely flat organization with few levels of management, employees find out early on that in order to get anything done, they’re going to have to be able to influence and inspire people. That’s why leaders at Facebook don’t have to be convinced of the need for people skills. They won’t survive long without them.

Prepare a 2-page paper answering the following questions.  Remember, use 10-12 pt font and APA format!  Feel free to bring in outside data/sources, but please provide citations and a list of references.

  1. Why do you think that there’s a huge gap in theory (what we know we should do) and practice (what we’re actually doing) of leadership development?
  2. What are some reasons that companies might not be addressing Gen Y leadership development programs?
  3. Three different types of organizations are described here: 3M is primarily a manufacturing organization. Ernst & Young and Deloitte are professional services organizations. Facebook is a tech company. Compare and contrast their differing approaches to Gen Y leadership development.
How important are excellent leaders to organizations?

Write an article on A Sketch of Mozart

Write an article on A Sketch of Mozart

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on A Sketch of Mozart. It needs to be at least 1250 words. When Leopold began to discover the hidden talent his son possessed, he gave up on his composing and dedicated his life to unveiling and developing the skills his son was endowed with to full capacity. It was Leopold who was responsible for transferring his flair with instruments onto young Mozart and teaching him how to play the clavier, organ, and violin. This is where Mozart’s magical journey in the world of symphonies, sonatas, operas, concertos, and masses essentially formulated and began.

The formative years of Mozart’s musical career were influenced by a very important set of journeys made by his family throughout Europe. These journeys started off with an exhibition in Munich in 1762, followed by one in Vienna and then in Prague. Later, for three and a half years a series of concert tours took place in Mozart’s life which brought him and his family to the courts of Munich again along with Paris, London, and Mannheim. This concert tour was a marked point in the history of Mozart’s musical journey. He met a great number of musicians and composers through this time who later went on to have great influences on his style of music. One such particular composer was Johann Christian Bach, who Mozart met during his time in London in 1764. Mozart spent a year in Salzburg and then in 1769 he took off again with his father for another journey to Italy which lasted till 1773. The primary focal point of these journeys was to show the world Mozart’s talents as a budding composer and successfully so Mozart was accepted as a member of the renowned Academia Filarmonica when he met G.B. Martini in Bologna (Einstein 67). His other successes through this journey included a replication of Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere and an opera written and performed in Milan ‘Mitridate Rè di Ponto’ in 1770. The opera was such an invigorating sensation that Mozart and Leopold were made to return to Milan for the compositions and premiers of another two operas, Ascanio in Alba and Silla (Cairns). The end of his Italian journey is marked by his first and one of his most prolific works, performed to date, called ‘Exultate, Jubilate’.

Assignment 2: social media age media management

Write a 11 pages paper on media in the social media age media management. User interaction in social media is in terms of feedback by commenting, sharing views, posing questions, and voting for the quality and relevance of content, design, and other attributes. Traditional electronic media includes television and radio broadcasting while print media comprises newspapers, newsletters, bulletins, magazines among others (Brogan, 2010, p. 203). Social media can be said to constitute the following:

• Social bookmarking where interaction is by tagging and searching through websites bookmarked by other people,

• Social news where people vote for articles and make comments, discussions, and air views

• Social networking – interaction here is by creating personal profiles, inviting and adding friends, preferential sharing personal information, creating groups, and carrying out discussions. Examples here include Facebook and Twitter social networks among others.

• Blog spots including announcements blogger relationships and proprietary blogs – These are personal sites on the web created with an aim to give and share certain information and provide a platform for discussions, comments, and ideas about the subject areas.

• Wikis – Here, the users interact by way of adding and editing new and existing articles respectively, for example, Wikipedia, wiki answers, and Investopedia.

• Paid earned owned internet advertising

• Search marketing mobile advertising sponsorships

• Paid applications social media (pages and feeds)

• Word of mouth user forums news

• Brand and product websites

• Mobile brand and product websites

• Proprietary mobile applications

• Customer care services

• Proprietary digital content

1.1 The Place of Public Relations Agencies in Media Campaign Management

PR agencies have traditionally been useful in developing relationships with editorial contacts and creating editorial content that can be published by these contacts meaning that PR has always been about the management and optimization of mutually influential relationships. Successful social media marketing is dependent on two main inputs. the media content and media relationships or contacts. PR focuses on certain types of social media like the earned owned social media, word of mouth user forums, customer care services, digital content, and blogs.

Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Palestinian-Israeli conflict

I need some assistance with these assignment. a jewish state in the middle east Thank you in advance for the help! The first major issue is territorial and the question of land. At its very core, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a conflict over land. a tiny sliver of land, semi-arid and dry, bordering the Mediterranean Sea and roughly the size of New Jersey (Central Intelligence Agency 2008). The second major issue is the juxtaposition of Israeli and Palestinian identities. competing nationalisms which were at odds decades before the establishment of the modern state of Israel. It is these two core issues, disputed land, and competing nationalisms, which are fundamental to the conflict and which must be tackled with vigor if one seeks to resolve the crisis.

Watch the following video

Any solution aimed at resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict must address the issues of land, competing nationalisms (a Palestinian state must be established), the status of Jerusalem must be resolved and Israel must be guaranteed existence of peace and security. Only when each of these highly complex issues is addressed will we see a resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict (Gelvin 2005). A variety of theoretical paradigms have grown out of the Middle East in recent times.&nbsp. Arab nationalism and Islamism are political and social theories which seek to address the particular concerns facing the Arab world.&nbsp. Islam is a world religion which is one of the three great monotheistic religions and has its heart in the Middle East.&nbsp.&nbsp. While each is important, Arab nationalism is waning and Islamism remains a potent force in the post-Cold War world (Khater 2004).&nbsp.

Assignment 2

Create a 20 pages page paper that discusses media effects theories. Deep house (2000) adds that in mass communication, the sender can target a specific audience or a general audience, but the audience is individually anonymous in both cases.

Elements of Mass Communication

Mass communication’s essential elements are the sender or communicator, the message or content, the channel or medium, the receiver or audience, and the effects (Lasswell, 1948). The sender refers to the person who composes the message, which is the communication process’s source or origin (Biocca, 1988). The news is the actual information or ideas that are collected by the receiver for communication. The channel or medium refers to the sender’s path or conduit to convey the message to the receiver (Nabi & Krcmar, 2004). The track is the link or connector between the sender and the receiver. The receiver is the targeted audience to whom the sender intended (Deep house, 2000). The effects refer to the impact of the message on the receiver, and in many models, feedback is included as another element of the communication process after the effect. The feedback denotes the receiver’s reaction or response. it is used to assess a communication process (Nabi & Krcmar, 2004).

Features of Mass Communication

Mass communication differs from other forms of communication in several ways, including the sender or communicator, nature of the audience, the messages, and the channels or media of communication (Laswell, 1948). The sender in mass communication is usually a person or a group of persons in a professional organization who disseminate information to a mass audience with desired effects (Mutz, 2001). Mass communication introduces gatekeepers and regulators who complement information sources by improving or customizing the messages or content to appeal to the receiver or audience. Authorities, porters, and regulators include television producers, news reporters, and editors (Biocca, 1988).

Communication is the process of sharing, conveying, or exchanging ideas or information between two parties, namely, the sender and the receiver (Lasswell, 1948). It is defined by several attributes seeking to elaborate on its functional and operational characteristics, such as dynamic, interactive, innate, and continuous (Nabi & Krcmar, 2004). &nbsp.According to Biocca (1988), the main aim of communication is to affect the receiver in a way or manner desired by the sender.

Write 6 pages with APA style on Inequality in the American Society

Write 6 pages with APA style on Inequality in the American Society

Write 6 pages with APA style on Inequality in the American Society. In order to conduct extensive research, I will have to look for some of the most authoritative, sound, and reliable book, journal, and article resources to use as references in my research. Apart from helping me to have a baseline source of argument, it will enable me to produce excellent research which can be relied upon by the readers and anyone else who might be planning to conduct further research on this area. A careful selection of resources to use will definitely make my research to be accurate, valid, and credible. Therefore, a part of my two primary sources, I will have to add six more references to be used as secondary resources. These will enrich my research and makes it to be quite exhaustive.

This short story was written by Carver Raymond and published by the Atlantic Monthly Press in 1988. Here, Raymond Carver addresses several issues associated with the development of an unequal society. Carver argues, ‘The disparity existing within the society is based on the development of the opinion and the social segregation in the whole process.’ Likewise, racism has been passed over from slavery to the end incorporation of the current corporate racism as revealed in society.

When doing research about inequality in the USA, I would use it as one of my credible and authoritative resources. This is because it will provide me with adequate information about the causes of inequality in the country. Besides, it will enable me to take a journey through the challenging issues of inequality and racism. These are very important issues that need to be captured in my research.

This story is a product of extensive work by Raymond Carver. The 1983-published short story takes the reader through a journey of self-actualization. The story is minimal with only three characters namely the narrator, the main& .character’s wife, and the third party being the blind man Robert.

Assignment 2

prepare and submit a term paper on Foodmaster. Your paper should be a minimum of 3000 words in length

The case study tries to analyze the issues faced by the company at the first instance. The company had experienced high growth in bossiness until 2007, when its sales has fallen from 60$ million to 48 million. Due to fall in sales, the profit of the company was also found to fall from 25$ million (2006) to 18 $ million (2007). The context of the case study will analyze the issues faced by the company after implicitly detailing about its internal and external business environment. In the latter half, the case study will enumerate some strategies and fallacies of marketing with the help of which the company would be able to overcome the challenges of its business and prosper amidst all competition in the long run.

The Foodmaster Company was founded by a group of young businessmen in 1995. The company engages in providing dairy products and is based from Kazakhstan. Its founders critically analyzed that until 1995, diary product availability was limited in the country and products like yogurt was just not domestically produced in its market. In a country where dairy farming was traditionally and widely practiced, such scarcity of diary product production only signified that the segment was not exploited for commercial purpose. Hence, the inception of the company with dairy business was primarily undertaken to tap the unexploited dairy market in its domestic economy for the first instance. The company’s diary factor shop in the town of Issyk was the first yogurt producing factory of the country. Overtime, the company has significantly expanded its scale and scope of business operations. At present it owns 2 dairy farms, 4 factories and 16 retailing branches. It has now owned the prestige of being the biggest dairy product producing company in Kazakhstan. The company produces a wide range of diversified dairy products to meet the requirements local demands of its domestic markets

Writing homework on Machiavelli and Morality

Need help with my writing homework on Machiavelli and Morality. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Machiavelli dedicated the first half of the book to assess different kinds of principalities, with examples drawn from classical and modern history to expose political strategies that worked for the rulers. In the then political culture, he contends that the Prince can only rule over hereditary principalities when he conquers particular principalities of interest or sets up a colony in that territory. This is arguably a case of pure lack of morality on the ruler’s part as he or she would deny the people of the conquered territory of their hard-earned political freedom.

As Berlin (1) noted, Machiavelli arguably advocates for expanding the territory to another principality in his advice that the Prince must use force and or violence to remove the culture and institutions of influence which the previous Prince depended on in that principality. He adds that the amoral, violent way is the only deterrent to a rebellion that might be staged by the remaining elements. Machiavelli proceeds to cite the successes of the Romans as the fruits of this conquest strategy. By failing to criticize the willingness to annex new territories via conquest and his reference to the confrontation that follows such annexations as very normal and ordinary, Machiavelli arguably advocates for the amoral political world.

. To demonstrate his point, he particularly looks at Alexander the Great positively as he extends the praise to his foot soldiers whose support enabled him to control the principalities they annexed (Berlin 1). And in justifying the degree of amoral ways of governance, most probably to remain well reasoned, he differentiates between ruling people who had been under the control of a dictator and those who had been previously freer and more autonomous. Machiavelli argues that populations who had been subject to the adversities of absolute power would be more difficult to turn towards a new center of influence. Still, upon their conquering, their loyalty would be guaranteed by the same system of governance established by the previous rulers.

Assignment two

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic a clockwork orange by anthony burgess. While trying to rob a rich lady he ends up getting in jail where he gets convicted for the murder of the women. In order to incorporate a sense of positive behavior inside him, the authorities make him go through a treatment, which makes him sick with even the thought of committing a crime. By the end of the book, the treatment is reversed, however, if he`s been a conformist, the results would have had a positive influence. In this context, the behavioral dimensions explicated by Alex can be understood with reference to Freud`s analysis of civilization and its discontents. Freud (70) states that kindness is the highest form of the exhibition of super-ego which suppresses one`s desire to inflict aggression. Therefore, Alex is in conflict with the civilization due to his deep-rooted inclination towards aggression, where he seeks pleasure and satisfaction by inflicting violence and committing sins due to the super-ego element in his conscience, and thus he goes to the extent of committing suicide.

The first sign pointing towards the proposition that Alex is at odd with the civilization is his tastes and natural inclinations, which are completely opposite to what a conformist would prefer. This argument must not be confused with the criminal mindset, since even a conformist could have a criminal mindset but for different reasons. According to Freud (34), the civilizations have flawed standards of measurement i.e. power, wealth, or in a few cases prestige with the long term aim to enhance one`s social position in the society. On the other hand, in the case of Alex, he isn`t deeply indulged in criminal activities to enhance his status in society, rather due to the opposite sense of reasoning. He aims at maintaining his aggressive sense of self to seek satisfaction and to attain pleasure. This state of consciousness can be&nbsp.traced in Freud’s line of reasoning as the severity of super-ego which in the case of Alex isn`t dominated by society`s sense of right and wrong.&nbsp.