C++ program design, have specific requirements, full compliance is

Check the document below, some of the word changed!


(second and third line of the PDF changed)*** ..The first line indicates which integer on the third line has been selected (active).. —changed to “…the second line has been selected…”

1. Partial functions are provided and must be included in the complete Cpp file(means your coding).

2. Must including declaration after each of the function declaration.(exp: // xxx)

3. only using the library <iostream>,<fstream>,<iomanip>,<cstblib>,<cmanth>

4. This program will only run in Window OS! NO ios! Compiler is GNU  GCC Compiler. So no code like “system (“pause”)

6. There is one application program below (final_project.exe.),  The finished product looks and works the same as it.

5. Please! If you have any question, let me know ASAP!