Business & Finance homework help


Business & Finance homework help

Entrepreneurial Finance, by Smith and Smith, Stanford University Press, 2019.

In addition, this link takes you to a set of student resources from the textbook’s authors

Look at Section 5.6. Explain how strategic planning for a new venture may differ from strategic planning for an established venture.

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Look at Section 5.7.

a) Explain what is meant by a “real option?”

b) What is meant by the term “real option premium?”

Discover a venture capital/private equity/startup story or experience via the book, the books reference list, or You may also peruse and search Langsdale resources, or general publications and websites to which you have access.

Describe the company’s vision, its funding, its ups and downs and any details that show me that you are beginning to explore the world of entrpreneurial finance.

Write at least 500 words, and please write carefully and cogently.

Assignment 2

In this assignment students will take a qualitative interview transcript and read through looking for “themes”. Qualitative data analysis is a process. To analyze qualitative data, often, the researcher makes several passes through the data, meaning reading through multiple times. For this assignment you are only given one transcript. If we were analyzing data in a real project, there would be more than one interview.

For this assignment, you will be practicing qualitative data analysis using an actual interview transcript. This is an interview from a real interview participant who was willing to share her story with us. PLEASE be respectful and treat this interview transcript with the utmost respect and care. The participant has understands and consented to allow the interview to be used for the purposes of this class and learning about qualitative research.

Please download the Qualitative Fertility Interview Transcript which is attached. The document is a Word document. PLEASE SAVE A COPY OF THIS TRANSCRIPT AND ADD YOUR LAST NAME AS PART OF THE FILE NAME. This will help me when I download your submission to know that the file is yours. When you have the file downloaded on your computer (or a computer that has Word you are using), read through the transcript one time, all the way through. Then, go back through and use the highlight features (see Qualitative Fertility Interview Video tutorial for additional information) to pull out “themes” from the transcript.

What stands out to you? What are patterns that you see? What might be of interest if we were analyzing data from several participants? As you go through this, remember that there is no right or wrong with qualitative data analysis. You bring with you your experience and your perspective and that has an impact on the themes you pull out.

Your final assignment that you submit to Dropbox will include the transcript with your highlights. You will also submit, either in the same file at the bottom (or top) a list of your themes and the colors that are represented by them as well as one to two (1-2) paragraphs describing the themes you selected from this transcript. This written narrative should describe for your reader, information that would help them understand what the interview relates to and the important pieces you chose to highlight as themes. This written narrative can also be on typed directly on the transcript document or can be on a separate document submitted to the Dropbox.