Bus470 google | Marketing homework help

 1)Illustration Capsule 11.2 on page 333 provides a sampling of motivational tactics employed by several prominent companies (many of which appear on Fortune’s list of the 100 best companies to work for in America). Discuss how rewards at Google, Lincoln Electric, Nordstrom, W.L. Gore, and Amgen aid in the strategy execution efforts of each company. (1 page)



2) (from AOL question 3 on page 338) Illustration Capsule 11.1 discusses Whirlpool Corporation’s Operational Excellence initiative and its use of Six Sigma practices. How did the implementation of the program change the culture and mindset of the company’s personnel?  List three tangible benefits provided by the program. Explain why a commitment to quality control is important in the appliance industry? Do NOT merely repeat what other students state, you must add new informative comments to this week-long conversation.(1 page)