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1. Diagnosis in accordance with DSM-5-TR

View the Mother and Daughter: A Cultural Tale video in the Learning Resources and consider how you might assess the family in the case study. Differential diagnosis—Include a minimum of three differential diagnoses and include how you derived each diagnosis in accordance with DSM-5-TR diagnostic criteria. Case formulation and treatment plan, Include a psychotherapy genogram […]


Thus far, you have been asked to provide a link for any source used in your written assignments as a way of attributing credit to the source.  Going forward, you will need to attribute credit to your sources by including in-text citations and references in accordance with APA-style. This assignment will be good practice for […]

1. Discuss the features of surrealism

·  Discuss the features of surrealism in one Surrealist artwork (pp.915-922 Kleiner Ch 29). ·  Discuss Piet Mondrian’s concept of Neoplasticism (p. 922-23 Kleiner Ch 29). ·  Compare and contrast the visual stylistic features of surrealism and de Stijl. Include the following aspects in the assignment: ·  Artist’s name, title, date, media of one surrealist […]

1. Use your Excel pivot tables to create charts.

The purpose of this assignment is to practice using your Excel pivot tables to create charts. Then use your charts to create a small PowerPoint deck.   Assignment Directions Using your Pivot Table Assignment from last week, take that pivot table data and create 3 charts of your choice. Be thoughtful about your use of […]

1. For the Packet Preparation: Week 4 Assignment

Packet Preparation: Week 4 [WLO: 6] [CLO: 5] Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review all previous activities, clearly identifying what packet you are completing. Also review the web article, Writing Sample Tips for a Job Application Links to an external site.. In addition, review all previous documents that reflect the importance of applying professional communications in […]

1. Confidence intervals in health sciences

Consider the use of confidence intervals in health sciences with these articles as inspiration and insights. Using the data, you collected for the Week 5 Lab (heights of 10 different people that you work with plus the 10 heights provided by your instructor), discuss your method of collection for the values that you are using in your […]

1. The Business of Innovation

Week 7: The Business of Innovation Business forces that impact innovation include technologies, mandates, market demand and social changes. Think of how these kinds and other kinds of business forces as they may impact a given technology application area of interest to you and present your thoughts on the possibility of turning these forces into […]