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Assignment 2 Brief

Due Date Week 12

Assignment Objective

At the end of this assignment the students will be able to address real life situations (depending on the topic chosen by the students) where they could either develop BI systems, propose solutions in Business Intelligence adoption, develop strategies for data mining and help organization in their data mining use and adoption. 


The students will be required to fulfil the requirements as follows.

1. Choose their own topic for the project with the lecturer directions

2. Investigate the business where they will investigate their project

3. Identify the business needs for BI.

4. Identify the best BI technique to introduce to their project

5. Familiarise with the relationship of Data Mining (DM) to BI

6. Familiarise with the different DM techniques

7. Select the best DM strategy for their project and link it to their project’s BI adoption

8. Develop a professional Business Report 


The students will be required to submit the following 

1. A project report of no more than 2000 words per student (Technical Report)