As with almost anything else on the web, information is more valuable


Your textbook, Writing for the Mass Media by James Stovalldiscusses the elements of good blogs and what it takes to be a good blogger. Stovall says:

“Blogs are difficult and expensive to maintain. They require new and updated information, which takes work and sustained effort. They require new and updated information, which takes work and sustained effort. Not many people have the mental or physical stamina for this effort.”

As with almost anything else on the Web, information is more valuable than opinion. A good blog can be entertaining with good writing , but information builds audiences.

The best blogs look outward , not inward. That is, successful bloggers–those who build and sustain an audience–not only create original content but also point to other good content on the Web. Linking is part of the formula for a good blog.

Engagement builds an audience.”

Directions: For this discussion post, post a link to a blogger’s site that you enjoy reading and answer the following questions in a post of 200 words:

  1. What is the subject matter of this particular blog?
  2. What makes this blogger so engaging? Why do you read this blog?
  3. How often does the blogger update his or her information?
  4. What other sites, articles, other blogs, etc. does this blogger link to?
  5. Have you ever replied to this blog? Why or why not?
  6. Include any other pertinent information about the blog.

Remember, make sure you include a link in your discussion post. You will lose points for not including a link.

  • These posts are to be discussions and NOT reiterations of the material. You should bring original thoughts to the conversation and NOT simply summarize the information. Think critically and bring to light ideas and/or concepts that are new and share a different perspective.