Student disciplinary infractions

In recent years, we have seen an escalation in the number student disciplinary infractions resulting in suspensions or expulsions While suspensions or expulsions are warranted in some cases, there are many who feel that student learning can only occur when children are in school.  Therefore such stakeholders believe it is more helpful to focus on correcting improper behavior and allowing students their right to an education.


  1. Read the article found at :
  2. After reading the article, write 2-4 well-developed paragraphs addressing the following:
    • Based on your reading, what are the legal implications of this scenario and the administrators’ decision as related to: suspension, expulsion and due process.
    • What, if any, alternatives could have been employed in place of the suspension?
    • Based on your knowledge of students’ rights, what recourse would the impacted student and her family have, if any?
    • As a school leader, would you have handled this situation any differently?  If so, how? Why? (Remember to answer this through the perspective of the legal implications at play)
  3. Cite evidence for the course readings or other scholarly sources to support your statements.  Use APA formatted citations and include an APA formatted reference section (as needed).