Session with Career Services

Your final paper will be due during week 14/15.

This is not an assignment that is due this week. This is posted only for your review and to begin preparing for the final project. The instructions for your final paper will be as follows:

Part I

Answer the following questions:

  • Did you participate in the session with Career Services? If not, did you listen to the recording of the session?
  • Did you submit your resume to your Career Services Advisor for review?
  • Have you secured an internship for the Winter 2023 semester? If so, have you submitted the Internship Contract to the Career Services Office for approval.
  • Have you registered for the Winter 2023 semester?

Please provide answers to these questions as the first portion of your final paper.

Part II

Select one of the below noted topics and develop a two page paper on the topic including:

  • What is your selected topic?
  • Why is this topic an important consideration for the Human Service Internship?
  • How does this issue potentially effect students participating in a Human Service Internship?
  • Are there potential effects to the client population you may service during an internship? If yes, what are those effects? How can they be resolved or prepared for?
  • What preparation does a Human Service student need to make, prior to starting the internship to address this issue/problem/topic?


Topic A – Writing and Reporting within the Human Service field

Topic B – Developing Cultural Competence

Topic C – Vicarious Trauma and Self Care

This paper should be no longer than two (2) pages. Part II of the paper is about research so APA format is a must. APA format requires in – text citations, Reference Pages, and page headings with page numbers are required. 7th edition APA format information can be found on the Monroe College Library electronic site. Link to Monroe College Library guides Monroe College Library Guides