Annotating and note taking | Education homework help


For this assignment, you need to select pages from a textbook, read and annotate the pages, and then create a set of notes based on the material you read and annotated. 

Step 1: Review the marking (annotating) strategies from Chapter 6 (pp. 134-136).  

Step 2: Select at least four consecutive pages from one of your college textbooks. You may select the textbook for this course (except pp. 129-133) or another textbook; however, no math textbooks are allowed for this assignment. 

Step 3:  Read and mark your annotations directly on the selected textbook pages.  Your annotations may be handwritten (see example (Links to an external site.)) or electronically produced (see directions below).  Your annotations should demonstrate your active involvement with the reading.  

Annotations should be varied and should appear throughout your selected pages.  Use each of the following annotation types at least once or more:  

  • summarizing or paraphrasing in the margins  
  • identifying key terms  
  • defining unknown terms  
  • jotting down questions that occur to you as you read  
  • jotting down your reactions to the material  
  • adding explanations or elaboration  
  • providing additional examples  
  • underlining and highlighting (no more than 10-15% of your pages) 
  • color coding portions 

*Add your name, the semester and year in which you are enrolled, and the professor’s name at the top of the first page of annotated text.

Step 4:  Next, create a separate, detailed set of notes over the same material you read and annotated.  The set of notes should be thorough, covering all major information in the selected pages. Your notes may be handwritten or typed.  Use one of the following note-taking methods (read Chapter 5):  

  • Cornell Format 
  • Outline Format  
  • List Format 

*Add your name, the semester and year in which you are enrolled, and the professor’s name at the top of the first page of your set of notes. 

Step 5:  Submit BOTH your annotated textbook pages and your set of notes in the assignment link.  If you are taking this course online, you may need to scan or take a photo of any handwritten annotations or notes before uploading.  If you are taking this course in a face-to-face setting, your professor may require you to submit your work in class.  

How to Annotate the eBook Electronically in Word

  • Click any LaunchPad links in Eagle Online Canvas.   
  • After being directed to LaunchPad, click the “Home” button at the top left-hand corner.  
  • Click the “eBook” button under the menu column to the left.   
  • Select at least 4 consecutive pages from the eBook (that cover important information / major concepts).  Then, copy and paste the content of those pages to a Word document.  
  • Place your cursor at the location where you want to place the comment.   
  • Click the “Review” tab in the Ribbon and then click the “New Comment” button to type in your annotations (See Step 3 above). 
  • You can also highlight, underline, and color code in Word.  Plus, you can use “Insert” to add arrows or other marks to emphasize terms or concepts. Using a variety of features in Word will help ensure your electronic annotations are varied (See Step 3 above).

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