Add: quality attributes and views


As you continue to develop your ADD in your role as a software architect, use the CRM system described in the Assignment Background document, along with any additional research, to create the following additional sections in a 4- to 5-page Microsoft® Word document:

  • Quality Attribute section:
  • Create a quality attribute trade-off matrix to balance quality attributes for this system.
  • Describe the reasons of the trade-off in the paragraph after the matrix.
  • Views section:
  • Create a physical view of the system in Microsoft® Visio®.
  • Create a logical model view of the system in Microsoft® Visio®.
  • Create a process view of the system in Microsoft® Visio®.

Note: Refer to the diagrams presented in the Pluralsight videos and textbook readings from this and previous weeks as a guide for creating these artifacts.

Incorporate the two sections into a single Microsoft® Word document. As this document is intended for a technical audience, APA formatting is not required. Add external sources used in the document in the Reference section.