Acct 601 week 3 you decide assignment paper; ethical issue

ACCT 601 Accounting Capstone  (DeVry Keller – April 2016)
• Do you feel that there might be an ethical issue present? For the moment, assume that no laws have been broken and just focus on any possible ethical issues.
• If you were going to report a suspected ethical issue, how would you do so? For instance, to whom would you report? Would you discuss the matter with anyone first?
Would the manner in which you respond vary depending on whether this corporation was privately held or publicly traded?
• Does the fact that you have only been recently hired play into your decisions?
What possible sources of guidance might be available from a professional organization and/or your state’s regulatory body overseeing the accounting profession?
• Lastly, please assume that you suspect that some state or federal laws have been broken.  The problems might be beyond just a possible ethical issue, in other words.  Would this change your handling of the situation?