1. A Case Study in Negotiation

PAPER #3: Negotiation
A Case Study in Negotiation. Using the text, Getting to Yes, you will analyze a negotiation you
have personally experienced in the last 12-18 months. A Case Study asks and answers a key
question connected to your topic with supportive evidence, observations and finally
recommendations. A well-written case is something someone else can look at and use an
example to support their position on a given topic. It is informative, creative, tells a story and
invites the reader to consider the evidence presented to shift a perspective or enlarge one’s
learning. Follow these steps:
Step 1: TITLE: Create an engaging title for this Case Study.
Step 2: KEY QUESTION/ CHALLENGE TO OVERCOME: You will create a key question that
this case study will attempt to answer. It may be a negotiation challenge to overcome, a
specific aspect of this negotiation that needs further analysis. It may connect to the
complexity of negotiation or how the keys to principled negotiation are the solution to
becoming more successful at negotiation. Whatever your question is (and it can be 1-3
sentences), make sure that it gets answered by the end of your case study. Here are
some examples to get your thinking activated but feel free to create your own.
• What barriers does a 20-year old face when negotiating with an elder and how
can they overcome them?
• How does one’s culture affect the negotiation process of buying a car?
• In what ways do women and men negotiate differently?
• How do I safely express my emotions in a negotiation with my parents?
Step 3: INTRODUCTION and BACKGROUND: Briefly explain the details of this
negotiation (who was involved, when, what the negotiation was about, what exactly
was said or done in the negotiation). Provide important details that will help the reader
fully understand the nature of the events surrounding the negotiation.
STEP 4: ANALYZE & PROVIDE SOULTIONS: Analyze the negotiation using the framework
of the 4 keys of principled negotiation (as outlined in the textbook), discuss the
following questions in your paper:
o how could you separate people from the problem?
o what are the keys interests v. positions for each party in this negotiation?
o what options for mutual gain are available?
o are there any objective criteria that could be used in this negotiation?
o what might a win-win-solution look like for all parties involved in this

Step 5: CONCLUSION: Make sure your conclusion summarizes and answers the key
question/ challenge to overcome that you posed at the beginning of this case study.
Also include the key 1-2 things might you would recommend the reader do in future
negotiations to achieve a win-win successful outcome.