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  • Pick a persuasive topic that is appropriate to your speaking situation (*hint* this is an online class and you are presenting to your peers).
    • You may not use controversial or overused topics, including legalizing anything (drugs, weapons, etc.); abortion; police violence and Black Lives/All Life Matters; school uniforms; drinking age; capital punishment; why you should exercise; fast-food is bad; the election system; immigration policy or building walls; fake news; etc..
    • Please review the following link for more information on speaking situations: What is a speaking situation?? (Links to an external site.)
  • (Links to an external site.)Given what you now know about good reasons, and because we’ve talked about what makes a speaker convincing, you need to include research to provide credible source material. Please cite your sources verbally inside of the body of your speech; you should include a minimum of three sources for this speech. Your speech should be extemporaneous and should demonstrate rehearsal and attention to both the verbal and nonverbal messages you send.
  1. Submit your delivery video by clicking the button in this assignment discussion board or by embedding a YouTube video. Videos that have been edited or that employ avatars will earn a grade of zero. If you are using YouTube, please make sure your video is not set to private. We cannot see videos that are set to private to grade them; therefore, any videos that are set to private will be given a zero grade.
  2. Briefly describe the topic, the audience, and your purpose for your speech in the text entry area.