Strategic Research Project


Identify Potential Gaps or Areas for Growth at the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR)/Child Support Enforcement.

For this section, you will review and consider information related to the current performance or health of your selected organization or educational setting. Your selected sources should provide sufficient information to evaluate both internal and external factors impacting the organization or educational setting you are investigating and should only include evidence, anecdotal accounts, etc.  No data collection requiring Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval should be considered in the SRP. Students will obtain information for three matrices (i.e., SWOT, Internal Factor Evaluation, External Factor Evaluation).

Once you have compiled all relevant evidence, you will analyze the internal and external areas for growth of your selected organization or educational setting.  Be sure the methods and technologies you select in your analysis are in alignment to each of the respective sources you selected.  As part of your evaluation, you will conduct a Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis, identifying 40 factors. However, the evaluation you conduct should align to the sources you have acquired, and you may consider additional types of analysis with various models. Any data sources utilized in this part should be compiled as appendices.

After the SWOT analysis, you will complete the Internal Factor Evaluation and External Factor Evaluation matrices. Please follow the guidelines in the SRP template as well as the instructions provided by your instructor via the Zoom session.

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Additional information for Part 1B Calculating the Internal and External Factor Evaluation Matrices ´ Provide 10 strengths for your organization; Provide 10 weaknesses for your organization. ´ Provide 10 opportunities for your organization; Provide 10 threats for your organization. ´ You will weight the internal factors (strengths, weaknesses) together so that the 20 factors will equal 1.00. ´ You will weight the external factors (opportunities, threats) together so that the 20 factors will equal 1.00. ´ You will also give each of the 40 factors a rating of 1 to 4. The rating of 1 to 4: 1 refers to poor, 2 refers to below average, 3 refers to above average, and 4 refers to superior. These numbers indicate how your current strategy is addressing each factor. Are you overcoming it well or not? ´ Then you will multiply the weight times the rating to obtain your weighted score. Then add them all together vertically to obtain a total weighted score. ´ The total weighted score should be above 2.5, which shows the organization is strong. You will explain this in your content. Determining FOUR Key Factors of each SWOT ´ Chose four (4) factors from each category in which you want to further explore. You will provide a narrative as to why you chose the four (4) factors from each category (SWOT). ´ For the Internal Assessment, you will delve into the internal factors of the strengths and weaknesses within the organization. The following sections should be explained from your matrices: (a) internal assessment of the organization, (b) internal factor (8) evaluation matrix, and (c) a conclusion. ´ For the External Assessment, you will review the external factors regarding the opportunities and threats imposed upon your organization. The following sections should be explained from your matrices: (a) external assessment of the organization, (b) external factors (8) evaluation matrix, and (c) a conclusion.

Gloves in the ER-Homework

Gloves in the ER-Homework

Developing a reflective journal that addresses the following criteria: 1. Requirement: The student will express their comprehension of the nursing process in the reflective journal. Choose to write about any aspect(s) of practice which: (write about donning gloves prior to touching patient at the Emergency Department and the fast pace working ) · Feel the intervention made a difference in a client’s outcome. · Feel went unusually well. · Feel did not go as planned. · Think captures the essence of nursing practice.

2. Requirement: The student will identify the following elements in the reflective journal. The focus should be on nursing practice. · What was going on (the context of the situation)? o Shift, time of day, resources, the clinical scenario · What happened? o Detailed description of situation/incident/experience · Why is this incident important? · What were the concerns at the time? o What thoughts and feelings during and after the experience? o What influenced decision-making? o What, if anything, was the most demanding aspect of this experience? o What was unexpected?

3. Requirement: The student will analyze the positive and negative aspects of their learning. Choose to write about the following: · A reflection or evaluation of the situation showing the competencies and expertise used (skilled communication, teaching, leadership). Support these with current evidence-based practice literature. · What were actions taken? Include not just what was done, but also, more importantly, the rationale for the actions. Support these with current evidence-based practice literature · What new knowledge or insights were gained? How would make recommendations for change in practice? · Provide references to show evidence-based practice (see guidelines below) · Was anything learned? If so, what? · Consider another way to manage nursing practice related to this experience. Has nursing practice changed in any way?

4. Requirement: The student will follow these guidelines · Journal entries should exceed no more than two (2) pages in length (not including ref. page · Journal entries should include a minimum of two (2) citations from a peer-reviewed, evidence-based journal. The inclusion of evidence-based practice is an integral part of learning, critical thinking, and growth therefore must be relevant to the journal topic and show relevant learning. · Journal to follow 7th edition APA guidelines and should include a title page, the body of the journal, a reference page