Budget and Finance

Budget and Finance Paper

You will enrich your understanding of higher education finance by frequently making connections between principles and topics discussed in class and real-world situations. This paper will be a scholarly review on a topic of your choice (with professor approval) pertaining to finance in higher education.

[The paper to review is downloaded below: Differences in university fundraising: The role of university practices and organization

Schanz, Jeffrey M.   State University of New York at Albany ProQuest Dissertations Publishing,  2012. 3549421.] 

The paper should include a description of the significance of the issue addressed, a statement of the problem examined, a critical review and synthesis of the literature, and implications for policy, practice, and/or future research. Purely descriptive papers (e.g., types of student financial aid) are not acceptable, and empirical papers (e.g., case study of the study process at an institution, data analysis of trends in college tuition) are discouraged. Please email the professor with a one paragraph description of your paper by week 3 of this course, for approval.  This paper is expected to be 8-10 pages double spaced (not including title page and reference page).

Here are the recommended sections: 1. Title/Cover Page 2. Table of Contents 3. Introduction of topic and why you chose it 4. Significance of problem 5. Statement of problem  6. Research section 7. Implications for policy, practice, and/or future research 8. Conclusion 9. References


Budget and Finance Paper Grading Criteria

Points Possible


Comprehensive description of organizational vision, mission, goals, and structure

Discussion of leadership styles/theories/models

Analysis of organizational commitment to the vision

Evaluation of organization’s ability to achieve the vision

Logical flow of ideas

Overall organization of the assignment


Writing Quality

Proper use of grammar, syntax, and punctuation

High level of vocabulary

Graduate quality writing

Integration of research

Use of the third person


APA Style

Appropriate use of direct and indirect quotes

Appropriate use of citations in the text

Correct format of reference list