Barriers to communication | Applied Sciences homework help

Communication, which is a two way process of sending and receiving messages is a fundamental skill required for nursing. Most of the time, nurses send messages with the words they use, but there is another way nurses can convey messages and that is through body language and facial expressions. This is called meta-communication. If the non-verbal message doesn’t match the verbal, the message will be confusing.

What if your patient said this “I’m fine”, but looked sad?


Similarly, what if the nurse appears preoccupied or busy when assessing a client? Is the client likely to think the nurse is interested or caring? Nurse’s may appear uncaring if they change the subject, appear defense, moralize or appear judgmental, are inattentive, and even if they use too much medical jargon (Potter et al, 2017). Remember when communicating with clients that both communication and caring are considered integrated processes and center to all nursing care and as your lesson states can even considered therapeutic if used purposefully (Chamberlain, 2019).  

According to Chamberlain Care, person centered communication is not limited to just the client, but also includes family and other healthcare colleagues. Differentiating between therapeutic and non-therapeutic communication responses is one of the most important skills a nurse can develop.

QUESTION:  Chamberlain (College of Nursing) Care emphasizes person-centered communication. Provide an example of using person-centered care in communicating to another who disagrees with you. 



describe how you would create a java program that prompted the user

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Critical appraisal | Reading homework help

There are five articles you can pick one from them. 

and here are the requirements:

Students will be required to submit a 1,000-word critical appraisal of a research article from an academic journal. Students will be provided with a choice of articles to appraise, which will be posted on the course Moodle site. 

The critical appraisal is designed to provide students with an opportunity to critically review the overall appropriateness of the research design underpinning a piece of social science research. This will involve assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the particular methodological approach adopted in the research and commenting on its suitability to address the research questions. Your appraisal should be specifically methodological in focus. 

Here are few guiding questions to help you write and focus on reviewing: 

• The research questions the author(s) set out to address. Are they concrete and appropriate? 

• The combination of methods being employed. Are they appropriate and fully justified? 

• To what extent are the methods chosen suitable to answer the research questions? Are they coherent and well-aligned? 

• Did the authors describe their methods fully? What are some gaps you identified? 

• What the data and evidence is. How were they collected/recorded/retrieved, analysed and interpreted? • The methodological and epistemological strengths/weaknesses of the research design. What ontological and epistemological assumptions are made by the author[s]? 

• Ethical and/or political issues concerning the research. Are they apparent and being addressed by the author[s]? 

Your review should be fully referenced drawing on relevant methodological literature. Further guidance on reading and the articles for appraisal will be provided. 

Grading and feedback of the assessment will take into consideration the following: 

• How well you have demonstrated an awareness of problems and shortcomings of the data and methods of analysis; 

• Whether you have considered the extent to which the interpretation of the findings is consistent with the analysis and research design undertaken; 

• How well structured are the ideas in the assignment and whether there is a logic to their development and argumentation; 

• How reflexive (i.e. reflecting on your own position and assumptions as a student) are your comments on the research methods; 

• How well the assignment is presented, including style of writing, grammar, structure, and referencing. 

Project management due saturday june 5th

The assignment involves updating your project plan to cover the costs associated with your identified activities.

While not an official area of the assignment, it may help to identify resources and vendors needed to ensure your cost estimates are as accurate as possible. By placing resources against your work packages, you can get a clear visual of what each work package may cost.

You will use the project schedule you developed to estimate costs and then translate those costs into your project budget baseline.

Project budget baselines, typically include cost estimates that cover the following:

  1. Work package estimates
  2. Estimates for supplies or materials
  3. Estimates for vendors & procurement activity
  4. Estimates for risks or unknown project activity

For this assignment, please submit your schedule along with cost estimates against each activity that measures your best appraisal for that task. Please also include a final quote for your project budget baseline

Exam-quest ii ethical-psycop | Psychology homework help

II. Analysis: Ethical Dilemma

Jorge has to carry out a clinical intervention related to drug use by a 14-year-old adolescent. Jorge is interested in wanting to do a good intervention. It is his first case of his and he had never worked with a subject like that. In the hallway he meets Rosa and tells her that he has a case where he has to do clinical interventions with a client using controlled substances. Jorge told Rosa that he has about 5 techniques to apply with the young woman. Rosa asks him what they are and he replies that they are very effective. She said that she used them with a 17-year-old boy who had behavior problems. Rosa told him to be careful and told him that she could help him if he wanted. He replied that he had a master’s degree and that she talked about it in a class. In addition, he indicated to Rosa that he has a study carried out in Chile that says that these techniques work well when young. Rosa asked him if he consulted with the minor’s parents. He replied that he explained that I was talking about the Chilean study. He added that the parents had reservations at first, but he explained what he did in his college class assignments and convinced them to sign the authorization.

1. Analyze violations of the code of ethics (Use the NASW Code of Ethics for analysis)

2. Apply an ethical dilemma solution model to the case.

3. Identify the rights of the mental health patient that could be violated by the Social Worker

Business management memo – job performance


Please see memo assignment details below. I have attached the company profile and course materials, which must be referenced in the memo. In-text APA and bibliography must be included. The assignment must be 1-2 pages.

Explain your understanding of job performance and why it is important to a sustainable organization.

· In week 1, you envisioned the future direction towards which Virginia Meats Inc. needs to move. Given your knowledge of the company history and current status from the company profile, identify three areas that might challenge the employee’s performance as they move towards this goal. Be specific as to types of performance.

Explain your understanding of job commitment and why it is important to a sustainable organization.

· Given the future vision of Virginia Meats Inc., its history and current status from the company profile, identify three areas that might challenge the employee’s commitment as they move towards this goal. Be specific as to types of commitment.

Discuss how your role as manager relates to job performance and commitment. How will this role be challenged in the future workplace? Give three examples.

You must use course material to support your responses and APA in-text citations with a reference list.

Analysis of the film mapantsula, african study

Subject: Analysis of the Film Mapantsula 

Length: 4-6 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman 12pt.

Format: MLA, APA or Chicago, but be consistent.

Due: October 27th, 12 pm US Eastern Time

Prompt: Write a critical analysis of the film. Your analysis should include, at minimum:

  • A brief background (country of production, year, director, etc.)
  • A brief summary and further analysis of what you believe are key scenes or moments, and how these scenes illustrate the themes of the film
  • An evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the film
  • How the film connects with the larger themes of this class. You should reference at least two other movies that we’ve seen in class this semester.

Other Instructions:

  • Avoid first and second person (I, me, you)
  • You are not required to consult outside sources, but if you do so you must cite them


An “A” writer will illustrate the ability to not only briefly summarize the film, but also evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.  It will also link the film to other issues raised throughout the course (i.e. other readings, films, or lectures) to provide a critical perspective. To be “critical” means to take an approach to your analysis that questions the information you are reading about. For example, don’t just state that a part of the film was weak, but explore why you think it was weak and what the producer could have done to strengthen it. Or perhaps you make a connection between the film’s depiction and the other films you have watched for the class. A critical perspective would successfully link how the film and other films watched in the class are similar or different.  An “A” paper is grammatically sound and coherent.


A “B” writer may successfully do some parts of the “A” quality paper better than other parts. Perhaps the summary of the film is inaccurate, but the analysis is strong. A “B” paper also contains grammatical or stylistic errors, but nothing major that significantly disrupts the text.


A “C” writer merely summarizes the film without critiquing and analyzing it. Be careful not to just summarize the film and not include any references to the readings. What does it mean to “analyze” and “critique”? A “C” paper also is not structured coherently (i.e. is missing an introduction, summary, analysis, or conclusion) and has grammatical errors that significantly disrupt the reader when reading.


An “D” writer is too vague, sloppy, and inaccurate. An “D” writer provides a paper that feels rushed; as if the writer waited to the last minute to create it. The paper provides no analysis, and shows no college-level ability to critically think about the very important and serious issues of politics in Africa. It could also have severe style and grammar errors.

leadership approaches and models in health care

Leadership models and theories help define approaches for creating effective behaviors within specific situations or environments. Examine contemporary leadership models and theories and in a 1,000-1,250-word paper, explain why these models or theories are effective tools for leaders who serve in health care organizations. Include the following:

  1. Discuss the correlation between effective leadership and organizational performance in health care.
  2. Discuss why it is important for regulatory professionals to practice good leadership. Outline effective strategies for regulatory leadership and explain why these are essential in health care.
  3. Describe how the concept of stewardship from servant leadership relates to a Christian worldview. Explain how stewardship relates to professional responsibility, how it can be applied in a health care setting that serves diverse populations, and the potential benefits for stakeholders and the organization overall.
  4. Distinguish between informal and formal leadership. Explain how informal leaders influence others and how this impacts a health care organization.
  5. Select one additional theory or model that you think would be effective for a health care leader to employ. Provide an overview of the model or theory and explain what aspects would be effective and why.

A minimum of three academic references from credible sources are required for this assignment.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. 

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. 

Assignment 450 words | English homework help

 EDB Posting #2. For this unit, you will analyze three readings of the Haitian Revolution. You should read all the material included in Learning Units #7 and 8 before you begin your work on this EDB. As you prepare your responses, keep these questions in mind:

  • What is the author’s story?
  • Do you find the story believable? Why or why not?
  • What social, political or ethnic group does the author represent? Do you think that his or her experience is representative of that group? Why or why not?
  • What did you find interesting, upsetting, funny, tragic? Why? Think of particular passages that made you “feel” a particular way.
  • Did anything surprise you? Why or why not?
  • What is your opinion of the author?

In at least 450 words, respond to these documents and provide your opinion.

Website content strategy | Education homework help


Research three major organizations and evaluate the effectiveness of their content strategy. You can choose any organizations that you find interesting. Examples of organizations you may consider are Coke, Harvard University, SoundCloud, Appnet, Starbucks, Arizona State University, and Mental Floss, but you are not limited to these organizations. 

Write a 1,050-2,100 word paper that discusses each of the required topics below. (Plan to write 350-700 words about each website.) 

  • Identify and describe the organizations you selected. (Be sure to provide an appropriate references for each website.) 
  • Identify the target market, objective, and primary message(s) of each site. 
  • Discuss how each site caters to the target market. Describe segmentation, differentiation, and positioning strategies used by each site. 
  • Describe the approach of each website in communicating its message, including style and tone of communication, use of social media, or other distinct characteristics that you observed when reviewing the contents of each site. 
  • Analyze whether each website is effective. Provide justification based on concepts you have learned throughout the course, and provide examples and support for your ideas. 
  • Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, and grammar and mechanics consistent with graduate level writing.