Esw capital is looking to hire the best strategic account executives

ESW Capital is looking to hire the best Strategic Account  Executives that have deep experience selling enterprise software.  Please describe your last field role in enterprise software sales, ARR, deal timeline and your performance amongst your peers.  If we call your previous sales management – will they endorse your sales capabilities as top 1% globally?

Nr 504 week 1 discussion question; essentials of leadership (taken

A leader has the ability to combine commitment for improvement with knowledge regarding how to exercise influence and engage support (Dickson & Tholl, 2014). In the areas of nursing and public health, the focus is on improving health. Porter-O’Grady and Malloch (2015) noted several major tasks of 21st-century healthcare leaders. Applying essentials of leadership, select two (2) tasks from the following list of tasks and discuss how you would exercise influence and engage support for each of your selected tasks.

  1. Deconstructing the barriers and structures of the 20th century
  2. Alerting staff about the implications of changing what they do
  3. Establishing safety around taking risks and experimenting
  4. Embracing new technologies as a way of doing work
  5. Reading the signposts along the road to the future
  6. Translating the emerging reality of health reform into language that the staff can use
  7. Demonstrating personal engagement with health reform
  8. Helping others adapt to the demands of a value-driven health system
  9. Creating a safe milieu for the struggles and pain of changing practice and service
  10. Enumerating small successes as a basis for supporting staff

2 assignments | Psychology homework help


Assignment 1 – 300 word

There are very different views of what types of evidence are most credible in evaluating the effectiveness of psychological treatment research. In this discussion you will analyze basic applied psychological research as well as evaluate how researchers applied a research process in the development of specific components. To begin, read the following articles (which can be accessed through the ProQuest database in the Ashford University Library): 

  • “Evidence-Based      Practice in Psychology: Implications for Research and Research Training”
  • “Practice-Based      Evidence: Back to the Future”
  • “Psychological      Treatments: Putting Evidence into Practice and Practice into Evidence”

 After reading the articles listed above, select two of them.  Analyze the basic applied research within each of your two selected articles by answering the following questions:

  • What is      the main point-of-view in each article? 
  • What are      the primary assumptions each author makes?
  • Which      author are you inclined to agree with?  Support your choice with      scholarly reasoning and cite your evidence. 

You are required to include one peer-reviewed source that was published within the last five years to support your perspective.  You may not use any of the sources that were assigned for this course.

Assignment 2 – 300 words

In this discussion you will be evaluating contributions of psychological research in the applied context of the DSM-5. To begin, read the DSM-5 section entitled, “Conditions for Further Study” (Section III of the DSM-5) and the article titled  “An Overview of the DSM-5: Changes,Controversy, and Implications for Psychiatric Nursing.”

Then, address the following points in your post:

  • What are      three controversies discussed in the Halter, Rolin-Kenny, & Dzurec      (2013) article? Give your opinions about these controversies.  From      your point view, are these legitimate concerns? Why or why not?
  • Name a      disorder identified as requiring significantly more research and study      from the DSM-5 section entitled,      “Conditions for Further Study” (Section III of the DSM-5). Construct a research question that is pertinent to the      disorder you selected.
  • Briefly      outline a research method that could be used to investigate the disorder      based on one of the research methods presented in your textbook.

A paper | Management homework help

Using library and Internet resources, and field visit to your local supermarket selling Chobani products,

a) Value ecosystem assessment helps a firm avoid the potential challenges from environmental threats and organizational weaknesses.  How did the use of SHEENY framework help Chobani avoid environmental threats from changing community values.   How did the use of GUIDER framework help Chobani avoid organizational weaknesses from changing community values?  

b) Rapid technology assessment helps a firm with a quick and frugal way for assessing the the value of a technology, and for upgrading this technology.   How did the use of rapid technology assessment framework help Chobani move quickly in starting and then upgrading technological capability? 

b) Stakeholder assessment helps a firm with understanding powerful stakeholders with high level of influence.   How did Chobani’s decision about stakeholders helped it manage the influence of stakeholders?   How different was Chobani’s decision heuristic, from the stakeholder analysis method given in the course materials?   

Include your citations in APA format.   Your analysis should be about 450 words – 150 words per question.

In addition, critically comment on the analysis of a peer student in about 75 words.

FAQ: How to give critical comment?

1. POINT to some examples of good analysis you liked in the author’s post.

2. POINT to what you think is the central insight or theme of the author’s post?

3. What MORE do you think is needed? Where? (any additional resources you recommend)

4. What LESS is needed? (anything that detracts from following and seeing the core of the post)

You work full time for your employer who provides vision insurance as


You work full time for your employer who provides vision insurance as a benefit. Your contribution is $5 a month or $60 a year. Your employer contribution is $10 a month for each employee enrolled.

You find yourself in need of new glasses and have fallen in love with the designer $600 frames. Your copay on glasses is 20% for one pair of glasses so your out-of-pocket cost is $120. For your new glasses, the insurance company has to pay the $300 difference between what they collected from you, your employer, and your copay.

Clearly, the insurance company cannot do this for every employee every year so they increase rates, which means your employer must increase your contribution as well. In addition, the insurance company adds purchase limits on the maximum it will pay for new glasses or how often it will do so, say once every 2 years.

Consider this scenario as it applies to other healthcare costs, copays, and contributions. If we can demand to have the most expensive healthcare solutions, and only pay our co-pay, that impacts insurance companies, employers, businesses, and other patients.

In this Discussion, you will consider the point of view of each party-the payer, the provider, and the consumer-and reflect on the impact of health insurance and reimbursement on behaviors.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Learning Resources for this week and consider the role of health insurance on reimbursement strategies, healthcare costs, healthcare access and utilization.
  • You will be assigned to one of the following three perspectives by your Instructor for this Discussion:
    • Healthcare payer
    • Healthcare provider
    • Healthcare consumer
  • Reflect from the perspective of your assigned role, on how healthcare reimbursement programs, the demand to improve quality outcomes, and access to healthcare impacts utilization and under-utilization in the healthcare market.  

By Day 4

Post a comprehensive response that includes the following:

  • Describe the perspective you were assigned.
  • Give at least one example of how health insurance may affect healthcare costs, reimbursement, healthcare access, and utilization. Be specific about how health insurance impacts each concept.
  • Explain how aspects of healthcare costs, reimbursement, healthcare access, and utilization might affect experiences with healthcare for the perspective you were assigned. Explain. 
  • Be sure to support your Discussion with a reference to course materials or a reference within the last three years.

Investor presentation | Business & Finance homework help

Select a Fortune 500 company. You will write about the same Fortune 500 Company in weeks two, four, and six. Consider pharmaceuticals, computer hardware, retail, or automotive industries for your selection.

Imagine your manager has asked you to help with a presentation on the company’s financial performance at the company’s annual meeting. 

Research financial information and key performance indicators for the company.

Create a 10- to 16-slide presentation for investors to assess the company’s financial growth and sustainability.

Identify key performance indicators for the company you selected, including the following:

  • The company and its ticker symbol
  • Cash flow from operations
  • Price-to-earnings ratio
  • Stock dividends and the yield, if any
  • Earnings per share ratio
  • Revenue estimates for the next 12 months
  • Revenue from the previous 3 years
  • Statement of cash flows and identify net cash from operating, investing, and financing activities over the past 3 years
  • Average trade volume.
  • Current stock price, 52-week high, and 1-year estimated stock price
  • Analysts’ recommendations for the stock (buy,sell, hold)
  • Market cap for the company

Relate the stock price to price-to-earnings ratio.

Explain the market capitalization and what it means to the investor.

Evaluate trends in stock price, dividend payout, and total stockholders’ equity. Relate recent events or market conditions to the trends you identified.

Determine, based on your analysis, whether you think the organization is going to meet its financial goals, the outlook for growth and sustainability, and explain why you recommend this stock for purchase.

Cite references to support your assignment.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

Statistics concepts and descriptive measures for mathguru only


Purpose of Assignment 

The purpose of this assignment to orient students to the key concepts in statistics. This assignment will introduce students to the language of statistics. Students will also get a chance to warm-up on evaluating some basic descriptive statistics using Excel® prior to the course start. 

Assignment Steps

This assignment has an Excel® dataset spreadsheet attached.  You will be required to only do one of the three datasets. 

Resource: Microsoft Excel®, Statistics Concepts and Descriptive Measures Data Set

Download the Statistics Concepts and Descriptive Measures Data Set. 

Choose one of the following datasets to complete this assignment:

  • Consumer Food
  • Financial
  • Hospital

Answer each of the following in a total of 90 words:

  • For each column, identify whether the data is qualitative or quantitative.
  • Identify the level of measurement for the data in each column.
  • For each column containing quantitative data:
    • Evaluate the mean and median
    • Interpret the mean and median in plain non-technical terms
    • Use the Excel =AVERAGE function to find the mean
    • Use the Excel =MEDIAN function to find the median
  • For each column containing quantitative data:
    • Evaluate the standard deviation and range
    • Interpret the standard deviation and range in plain non-technical terms
    • Use the Excel =STDEV.S function to find the standard deviation
    • For range (maximum value minus the minimum value), find the maximum value using the Excel =MAX function and find the minimum value using the Excel’s =MIN function 

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

For the final project for this course (13 page apa formate), select

Assignment: Project 

 For the Final Project for this course, select any government or nonprofit organization for which there is sufficient information to allow a thorough analysis of ethical or social justice issues. You may select your own organization if it is a government or nonprofit organization, but be aware of the need for scholarly objectivity and the need to protect confidentiality. Ethical researchers never begin any project with a hidden agenda or predetermined conclusion. If you do choose your own organization, do not identify it by name or precise location.  

Your Final Project should include the following:     

 An introduction that describes the government or nonprofit organization, the setting, and any other information about the organization or related background that readers need in order to understand the organization and its ethical and social justice issues; a description of the ethical issues facing the organization and public administrators within the organization     

An explanation of the ethical issues related to two or more of the philosophical theories that this course introduces    

 A summary of the major ethical challenges and conflicts of responsibility presented to individuals in the organization and to the organization as a whole     A summary of the strategies that the organization uses to maintain responsible conduct    

 An explanation of your recommendations for addressing the issues, including a rationale for your recommendations and an explanation of why they might be effective in addressing the issues, with consideration given to the possible involvement of guerrilla government employees

     An analysis of the factors that would affect the implementation of the recommendations by using the ethical decision-making model 

    A description of the outcomes you would expect if the organization implemented your recommendations 

    An explanation of how the issues you raised are related to at least two of the four social justice themes (human rights, equality, liberty, and justice) 

 Your Final Project must demonstrate both breadth and depth of knowledge and critical thinking appropriate to graduate-level scholarship. It must follow APA Publication Manual guidelines and be free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors.

 The project should be 13pages in length (double-spaced), not including the title page, abstract, and at least 8–10 scholarly resources, excluding any organizational brochures or other nonacademic sources.  Support your Final Project with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.

Required Readings

Alexander, J., & Richmond, S. A. (2007). Administrative discretion: Can we move beyond cider house rules? The American Review of Public Administration, 37(1), 51–64.   Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

Hall, T. E., & Sutton, A. (2003). Agency discretion and public ethics: The case of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Public Integrity, 5(4), 291–303.       Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

Jost, K. (2003). Civil liberties debates. CQ Researcher, 13(37), 893–916.        Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

Chronic Illness and Rehabilitation Paper

Develop a realistic case and Identify a chronic illness and its relationship to rehabilitation. Could be from a previous experience on your career.

  1. Identify chronic illness and its relationship to rehabilitation.
    Choose from one:
    COPD, CHF, Stroke, Hip fracture
  2. Create interventions that support an older adult’s adaptation to the chronic illness or disability.
  3. Describe the nurse’s role in assisting older adults in managing chronic conditions.
  4. From your readings and knowledge which opportunities do you think can be change in the health care system to improve care for older adults with chronic illness and disability.


Submission Instructions:

  • The paper is to be clear and concise and students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation and misspelling.
  • The paper is to be 5 pages in length, excluding the title, abstract and references page.
  • Incorporate a minimum of 3 current (published within the last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions) within your work.
  • Journal articles and books should be referenced according to APA style.

Analyze the importance of teaching manding skills to Xavier first


Analyze the importance of teaching manding skills to Xavier first

The study has determined that there are three main targets for intervention for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Firstly, Xavier would be targeted for identifying abilities and deficits he is facing during communication. Different methods would be used to manage the patient with autism, including:

  • Teaching Manding
  • Teaching the child to become socially responsive
  • Teaching imitation skills

Teaching Manding

Xavier’s communication skills would be targeted. He would be motivated to analyze the situation of the environment and respond accordingly. It has been determined that Xavier would be able to respond to the environment and this psychological therapy would be able to help treat his autism disorder. Because mands is important for replacing problem behavior, this training would help alleviate some potential bad behavior.

What are the benefits of teaching mands?

There are different benefits of teaching mands such as helping people, especially students, control their environment. The students who are unable to maintain and manage the situation according to their nature and demand can handle it through teaching mands. It has been determined from the research that some children cannot handle social interactions. Those children cannot learn certain skills and their professional and personal life can be compromised. It has been found that mands also help the children in learning other skills, particularly in the case of social interaction. As a result, they also become a valuable part of society.

One benefit is that it can replace bad behavior and lead to better behavior in the future. This would directly help a struggling student who may be showing signs of being a problem. Another benefit of teaching mands to children is that it allows the learner to learn the environment and communicate their needs with other people. It has been found from the study that the cases of autism are increasing day by day, and healthcare professionals are using this technique to treat patients. The adaptation of different skills related to the environment is essential, and teaching mands enables people to adapt environment and problems (Landa, 2017).

How can teaching mands lead to developing skills in other areas of development?

It has been found that teaching mands not only treat patients with autism but also help people in developing different skills. One crucial skill that this psychological treatment can teach is a communication skill that is important for personal and professional life. The people are initially using and utilizing mands for a few things such as juice and pretzels. After getting information about these things, more intervention programs are applied to enhance other development areas. Effective communication can strengthen manding skills and learning opportunities can be increased by teaching manding (Taylor, 2010).

Explain the relationship between manding and challenging behaviors

The purpose of teaching manding is to enhance the behavior of people. It motivates people to learn handling of different types of environments with excellent behavior. Appropriate replacement for the challenging behavior can be done by learning the manding skills. The research has determined that there is a strong relationship between challenging behavior and learning disabilities. But teaching manding to the people helps in training the staff and unprompted vocal mands by children. Thus, it has become clear that there is a strong relationship between manding and challenging behavior (Matson, 2009).



Landa, R. K., Hansen, B., & Alice Shillingsburg, M. (2017). Teaching mands for information using ‘when’ to children with autism. Journal of applied behavior analysis50(3), 538-551.

Matson, J. L., Boisjoli, J., & Mahan, S. (2009). The relation of communication and challenging behaviors in infants and toddlers with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities21(4), 253-261.

Taylor, B. A., & Fisher, J. (2010). Three important things to consider when starting intervention for a child diagnosed with autism. Behavior analysis in practice3(2), 52.